Biking around Berlin: Olivia´s tips to enjoy the city

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Olivia is one of our Open Campus students for this Fall 2023 semester. She is from California and is used to doing spots and enjoying the outdoors! She is currently a student at Colorado State University. In this interview, she tells us more about her time in Berlin!

1.-Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi all! My name is Olivia Doehr. I am a civil engineering student from Colorado State University. I am an avid tennis player and am always down to hit. I am from California and greatly appreciate the outdoors.

2.-How has your experience in Berlin been so far?

I have been enjoying Berlin through little adventures on the Swapfiets bike that I am renting. Trying all kinds of different foods in the various neighborhoods has been a highlight of Berlin.

3.-What are the things you have been enjoying the most so far?

Another great aspect of Berlin is the integration of green spaces throughout the city and the proximity of beautiful parks and lakes.

4.-Tell us about your biking experience in Berlin! How it has been? Do you bike back home?

Berlin is super navigable by bike and not too hilly, nonetheless I definitely recommend being safe with a helmet and stay aware of drivers and pedestrians.

5.-Which advice would you tell a student that is thinking on coming to study to Berlin?

Some advice I have for anyone studying abroad is to get lost. In Berlin, there is wifi everywhere and you are never too far from your home base. But you stumble upon the best things when you adventure out of your comfort zone and just wander around. Also, random tip Skype has subtitles if you want to call your grandparents while you are abroad.

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