Bike Culture in Copenhagen

Authored by:
Rumi Y.

Copenhageners love their bikes. The locals here bike all year round; they bike through rain or shine, wind or snow. In fact, there are more bikes than people in the city of Copenhagen! It is definitely winter here. There are Christmas-themed window displays, Christmas markets, and lights decorating the city and it is getting colder! The ride from the CIEE apartments to school takes about 25 minutes. Though the temperature is dropping, going to my morning classes by bike warms me up and is a refreshing way to wake up. 

Facts about Copenhagen's bike culture:

  • For two years running, Copenhagen has been voted the best cycle city by US sustainability experts.
  • The International Cycling Union, UCI, appointed Copenhagen the first official Bike City in the world from 2008-2011.
  • Jan Gehl, a city planner and architect, is a Copenhagen resident famous for teaching other cities and cultures around the world about a process he calls "Copenhagenization" - setting a place up for bike culture.

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