Best Memories from Studying Abroad in Copenhagen

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Cosmopolitan, culturally rich, and environmentally conscious are just a few words to describe the former Viking village known as Copenhagen. Every semester students flock to the city to experience Danish hygge themselves! We asked our alumni to share some of their favorite experiences while abroad, here's what they said!

A Favorite Memory

"Before my friends left for their other blocks, we took one last trip to Tivoli the second oldest amusement park in the world! I would give anything to go back with all of them." Sloan H., University of Iowa

"One of my absolute favorite memories from the trip was going to a classical concert at the big concert hall not far from our apartments. On a whim, me and two friends decided to spend the night out and go to a concert. Even though we were the only people in the audience our age and we didn't understand any of the announcements or the concert program, it was such an amazing feeling to experience and be moved by the live music together with so many people." - Daniel H., Bloomsburg University

Best Kept Secret

"Bastard Cafe was the best-kept secret in Copenhagen! My friends and I spent every weekend at this board game cafe playing international games, eating fries, and trying different danish drinks!" - Sloan H., University of Iowa

"Although the city is pretty densely populated, I was always eager to find new biking and running routes through the city - on one afternoon, I ventured towards the southern part of the area and discovered this huge park area full of running paths with an amazing view. On one run, very close to where this photo was taken, my friend and I saw a whole bunch of alpacas and sheep in the pasture we were running. Who knew that there was so much nature so close by?" - Daniel H., Bloomsburg University

A Food You Discovered

"Smørrebrød is an open-faced sandwich, but so much more! This traditional Danish eat was my favorite thing to introduce friends to when they visited." - Sloan H., University of Iowa

"I do admit that I did know about crepes before my trip to Copenhagen (and that they're not really Danish), but during my time in the city, I definitely had my fill of crepes of all kinds. Our classes were right in the center of so many great places to eat, including a crepe stand that served amazing sweet and savory crepes. Since coming home, I'm proud to say that I've mastered the art of crepe making. Well, kinda." - Daniel H., Bloomsburg University

A Moment That Lives Rent Free in your Mind

"There is a park in Copenhagen that has miles of cherry blossoms that bloom for a little over a week. People flock to this park to take photos and have picnics near the beautiful trees. I have never seen anything like it!" - Sloan H., University of Iowa

"To me, this photo captures the memory of my favorite night in Bornholm - we had just arrived to our hostel that afternoon, and after splitting up to explore the town, take a dip in the Baltic Sea at a nearby beach, and get some food, most of us ended up gathering by the docks later that evening. As the sun disappeared and the breeze got cooler, we all had a great time talking and laughing together as we watched the sky fade and the stars come out." - Daniel H., Bloomsburg University

Something You Fell in Love With

"I fell in love with all of the independent coffee shops. They all had hygge inspired interior that made for the perfect study spot. This shop opened up in my last 6 weeks and became my favorite place for a cup of chai." - Sloan H., University of Iowa

"New perspectives: until you have a chance to leave your comfort zone, you never learn to look for and appreciate the nuances and unique traits of the places you visit. During a weekend trip to Bornholm, we stayed in a hostel not far from the shore and got to see some spectacular sunsets and sunrises over the ocean." - Daniel H., Bloomsburg University


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