Berlin Wisdom from Brenda: Letter to Future Interns

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Dear future CIEE Global Intern,

My name is Brenda Garcia, and I am going to be senior this fall at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). If you are reading this, it is because you are considering studying or interning abroad somewhere in the world through CIEE. Currently, as I write this for you, I am studying abroad doing an internship in Berlin, Germany. As you consider this experience and continue your in-depth research, I am here to tell you about my experience. I have been here for a couple of weeks, and I can already tell you I LOVE Berlin and it is everything I thought the program would be – and more.

During my short time in Berlin, I have met numerous amounts of amazing people - from native Berliners to exchange students like myself, who are fellow Americans. Things I love about Berlin include the lifestyle (very social city with many events), the AMAZING FOOD (DÖNER is my favorite), and the internship I was placed in.

My internship is with a startup company that focuses on work with art, artists, and communities. Do not fear that it is not from a “well-known” company; chances are the start-ups have sponsorships from more prominent companies or within a similar field. You meet so many industry contacts and people.

Some advice I would share for your placement is to create a resume with all your experience which highlights the specific skills you have relating to an internship you’d want to obtain. Another important tip is to do some research on places you’d like to visit in the new city you plan on applying to. Your list of places to visit will be endless during your time abroad. The last piece of the most important advice? Have fun and continue exploring the world with your fellow peers from the program!


Brenda G.
Berlin Global Intern, Summer 2019

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