Beauty found in Load-shedding

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Cape Town Centre

Cape  Town Centre

Beauty found in Load-shedding

Authored by: Chelsea Chitanda (Global Internship Program Assistant)


The Global Interns had a unique first experience of load-shedding (power outages), that turned the always-successful Clay Café evening into the ‘wholesome event’ of a lifetime. It was a night that transported the Global Interns into a real-life movie scene as well as giving them an insight into how life does continue for South Africans during load-shedding. 

Clay Café is a local ceramic painting venue and tapas bar where individuals are encouraged to unleash their inner artist and release their inner child through painting various ceramic items whilst enjoying delicious food and drinks...and company! 

The Global Interns and accompanying staff made their way from their accommodation in the historic center of Cape Town to the nearby Clay Café on foot. Upon arrival, some thought the many candles were simply for ambience, but soon realized that this was just the venue’s way of coping with an everyday occurrence in South Africa at the moment: load-shedding. During load-shedding, an experience that locals are very familiar with, different areas across the country lose power (according to a schedule) due to the strain on the national electricity grid. 

The candles throughout the venue and at the table added an element of comfort and atmosphere that quickly transformed the interns into a big family - just two weeks into their program. Some real works of art and memories were made. 

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