The Beautiful Jeju

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Yomi A.

     I had the amazing opportunity to visit Jeju Island, an island in Korea. Jeju is filled with beautiful beaches, plenty of stone statues, and lots of Korean tourists. My friends and I booked plane and hotels tickets for this wonderful adventure. We then split into separate groups and went on different ecotourism adventures. 

     Jeju is quite different from the City of Seoul. It is quite quaint and doesn't have much going on unless you are in Jeju City. The entire island is filled with beaches, waterfalls, and nature trails. The island thrives off of tourism, although there are many locals. There is even another langauge along with Korean spoken in Jeju. It is called Jejuan. Towards the end of my trip, I learned a few Jejuan words to try and impress some of the Jejuan locals. My efforts worked. People were so surpirsed that I knew that the language even existed. 

If I ever come back to South Korea, I wouldn't mind staying in Jeju for the entire trip. I'm not a city guy, so the quaint and tropical Jeju suits me very well.