Beach Hopping in Busan

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Bryanna V.

Bryanna V.

A friend and I traveled to Busan for a weekend trip to relax and not feel overwhelmed in Seoul. One thing Busan is known for is its beautiful beaches and there are certainly plenty of them. During the two days we were there, we went to three different beaches.

The first beach we went to was Dadaepo, on the southern tip of Busan. This beach is really easy to get to since it is the last stop on the orange subway line. This beach definitely has more of a local feel with there being hardly any foreigners. It was really large with a great view. The water was warm and the waves on the beach weren't too strong. If you are one for seashells, this beach definitely had a lot of them. 

The second beach we went to was Haeundae, one of the most popular beaches in South Korea. We went early in the morning before it offically opened so no one was really in the water, but there were still plently of people strolling in the sand. This beach had amazing views and was really clean. The water was a little more on the cooler side, but would feel really good during the hotter parts of the day. The waves on this beach were larger and the water was a lot more blue than Dadaepo beach.

The third beach we visited was Gwangalli. Honestly this beach was beautiful as well, so that's no surprise. However, it did feel a lot more touristy. There were a lot more surfers and even people paddle boarding. Also in the water there were different floating docks and bounce house things. The water was a little cooler as well and there were a lot more people here so there was also some more trash on the beach than the others. But it had really gorgeous water and a beautiful view of a bridge on the water.

All of these beaches were fun to visit and there are many more we didn't get to see as well. If you're visiting Busan, going to a beach is something you must do!

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