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CIEE Legon

CIEE Legon

See the beauty in the people, the places, the conversations, the vibrancy, the solemnity, the poignancy, the undertones.

Smell the very sources of all that heal, soothe, enliven, and preserve.

Touch the ancient secrets of our forefathers and the stories breathing in them. Stories you will come and hear. Stories that will merge with yours to tell.

Taste the foods that enrich locals and a new world of delicacies as you learn the histories of them and what they mean to Ghanaians.

Hear the sounds of the Ghanaian drums that call you to hop up and dance. Drums that link human to human by the common beats felt by your feet on the bare ground. Drums that are themselves a language one can learn.

Come to Ghana and awaken you senses!

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