Ansan Mountain and Park

Authored by:
Lydia T.

Since coming to Seoul, I have been interested in pursuing activities which are normally outside of my comfort zone. One of these activities is hiking. Ansan mountain, which is remarkably close, practically on the Yonsei campus, has become a favorite place of mine. The first time I went to the park, we ended up hiking the whole mountain. There are many paths, with differing levels of difficulty. We weren't sure what to expect at the top, but were greeted with the most amazing view. It was such a suprise to us that this gorgeous view was so easy to get to from campus, and it made the somewhat difficult hike totally worth it. 

My second trip to Ansan park was to find a waterfall, once again a suprising feature of this mountain, right in the middle of Seoul. On the walk there we came across so many gorgeous cherry blossoms, as well as another suprise, a garden full of tulips and other flowers. It was a perfect spring day. It seems that Ansan mountain is full of suprises, and I am excited to continue to explore it!

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