The amazing light museum: teamLab Borderless

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Welcome back! 

It has been a while since my last post and now we are in the last strech of the spring semester! In my last month, I am attempting to do things I haven't done yet and now I can say one more thing has been checked off my list. teamLab is a museum I have been wanting to go to since I heard about it last semester. Some of you may have heard about this museum before and I highly advise visiting it if you have time. Currently, there are two teamLab sites: Borderless and Planets. From my understanding, Borderless is the permanent exhibition while Plants has the limited time ones, and they are both in different locations of the Odaiba area so be sure you get the right ticket for whichever one you want to go to. 

Photo for blog post The amazing light museum: teamLab Borderless

Photo for blog post The amazing light museum: teamLab Borderless

Admission for the museum costed 3200 yen, and on a Wednesday afternoon it was not very busy considering that at least for some countries it is summer vacation and there are quite a few tourists. Since this museum is really popular I do recommend going on a weekday unless you want to spend a bit of time in line. As one of my friends learned, on a holiday, like Golden Week, the wait can be long so you will definitely want to plan for that. Also there are other things in the Odaiba area so it may be a cool place to make a day trip to!

Hope you guys enjoy your trip there (if you go)!