Adjusting to Seoul!

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Lovely M.

     The following days before my flight and arrival in Seoul, I expected to struggle and have anxiety, since I wouldn't any of my immediate family, friends, or my boyfriend with me. I knew I had to figure out being in a different country all on my own. And surprisingly the first week I didn't cry or have a mental breakdown thanks to one friend who also goes to the same university as me and a couple of others, who continuously made an effort to be my friend and choose to hang out with me. Without them, I knew I would've had a hard time adjusting, felt lonely, and immediately homesick. Thanks to them the first week although hectic and eventually tiring, was fun before we start getting busy with classes! In all honesty, my main concern before joining this program was how would I be when meeting many new people each day and who would be my main go-to friends for hanging out and for support while away from home; since my freshmen year I've developed social anxiety and been awkward when making new friends so it's fortunate I was able to quickly find my people and of course others I get along with and love to hang with. 

     As the first week has gone by fast, it felt as if we were a group of people enjoying ourselves and exploring Seoul for fun! But constantly had to remind ourselves that we were here to study at Yonsei University. And adjusting to Yonsei University with the classes and campus is a whole new thing to get used to aside from Seoul! Each day has different class times, all of the Yonsei apps needed to download like Y-Attend, for attendance, all the cafeterias, and lastly how giant the campus is compared to my small (or basically tiny) home university. It takes me about 10 minutes to get to Yonsei's front gate from where I'm staying but also another 15 to 25 minutes to finally get to one of my class buildings even when it's walking directly straight through campus. While back at my home university, when I use to live at the dorms on campus, it would take me 5 to 8 minutes max to get to class depending if on upper or lower campus. As it's now the second week, I'll hopefully start getting a sense of what my schedule is and what to expect out of each class. The first week was somewhat a mess and confusing to get used to comparing to my American university, so I'll see how I'll do as I already have a presentation immediately the second week of the semester! So wish me and everyone this semester luck!

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