7 Tips To Travel Like A Pro

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking experiences - it’s hard to know exactly what to expect. What will the weather be like in Prague around mid October? How many suitcases should I bring for 4 months? How will I adapt to the new culture? Are there any expectations? To ease your mind and help you travel like a pro, here are a few tips to remember when planning to study abroad. 

  1. Always keep your passport on you - in a purse or backpack. Never put your passport in your carry-on luggage: you could be forced to check your bag last minute.
  2. Make sure your checked luggage is accurately labeled with your name, phone number, and email in case it is unexpectedly lost. Avoid putting your home address to prevent any unwarranted people from locating where you live.
  3. Stay organized! Keep a notebook handy or jot down your thoughts into your cell phone. Keep important travel information such as flight times and emergency contacts handy and easily accessible.
  4. Create an ongoing packing list on your phone or a piece of paper - every time you think of something to bring with you abroad, add it to the list. When it comes time to sit down and actually pack, you will know exactly what to bring! 
  5. Want to find the best price on a plane ticket abroad? Download Hopper, Skyscanner, or Kiwi - all available on Apple and Android devices. Each of these apps will save your trip information and notify you when the price drops!
  6. Did you know the cost of your flight can vary depending upon the time of day you book it? It’s true. Save money by booking your international flight on Tuesday or Wednesday before 9 AM!
  7. Know the local laws. For example, it is illegal to not have lights and a bell on your bike in the Netherlands, yet you don’t have to wear a helmet! Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore. Lastly, it is illegal to dress up as Batman or Robin in Australia. Know before you go. 

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