6 K-Pop Activities I've Experienced as a K-Pop Fan

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Joy M.

Joy M.

If you are a devoted K-pop fan like me, it only makes sense to find as many K-pop activities as possible. Here is a list of 6 activities I've experienced as a K-pop fan in South Korea! 

Visiting Entertainment Companies 

As K-pop fans, we know that entertainment companies play a huge role in the success of our favorite K-pop groups. During my time here, I have visited multiple Entertainment buildings in hopes of seeing an idol. Some of the companies I've visited include SM, Cube, Hybe, and FNC. 

Visiting Music Bank 

In addition to visiting entertainment companies, it has always been a goal of mine to watch a music program live. However, because of Covid restrictions, I could only visit the building to see Korean Idols enter and leave. There is only one group I would pull an all-nighter for, and that group is EXO. For Suho's comeback, I made the 4 am sacrifice to catch a 5-second glimpse of Suho outside of Music Bank. Was the overall experience worth it? No. But did I see Suho and live a Y/N moment? Yes! 

Attending a Musical with a K-Pop Idol 

With some of the EXO members enlisted in the military, I could only support solo activities. One of them being Chanyeol's military musical. I was fortunate enough to find someone selling their VIP ticket, which had me sitting six seats away from the stage. The overall musical was fun, and I enjoyed the performances. However, Park Chanyeol was approximately 3 feet away from me and had me wishing that I brought binoculars like the other fans. 

Visiting K-pop events at Cafes 

A unique K-pop fan activity is attending various Cafes that celebrate the birthdays or promotions of K-pop groups. I have visited approximately six cafes that celebrated K-pop idol's birthdays. But I know my friends have collected stacks of merchandise from the numerous cafes they've seen. 

Attending a K-pop Concert 

Ranking first on my bucket list was to attend a K-Pop concert, no matter what group it was. At the beginning of my time in South Korea, this dream started to look gloomy as the covid restrictions did not allow foreigners to attend concerts. However, one of my favorite groups, GOT7, was holding a Fancon after two years, and I was determined to attend. I was not only successful but was able to enjoy the Fancon with my group of friends (where we all lost our minds). 

Attending a Debut Showcase 

My friends and I attended a Debut showcase by accident, or you could say it was fate? On a day out in COEX, we saw an event happening. By chance, we decided to sit and found that it was the Debut Showcase for the rookie group Blank2y. We became fans after the event ended. 

There are many other activities dedicated for K-Pop fans to enjoy. But I would say with my time here, I have had such a great time and been fortunate enough to attend many events involving K-Pop performances. 


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