5 Ways to Step on the Wild Side of Study Abroad

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

Stand in the Middle of a Cloud

Ever wonder what it feels like to stand in the middle of a cloud? Then grab your backpack and head to the hills of Costa Rica where the stupefying and beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve sits. Take classes among 755 species of trees; cross suspension bridges high above the canopy and catch site of some 400 bird species; clear your head with a forest bath among 2,000 species of plants and 100 species of animals; then head back to the 153-acre CIEE campus and check on your homegrown herbs and vegetables. Sustainability + the Environment, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Bask in the Magical Mediterranean

If you’re going to study business + tourism, why not do it on a gorgeous Mediterranean island that attracts millions of tourists each year? Famous for its gold and white beaches, turquois seas, Moorish past, luxury boutiques, and jet-set international crowd, Palma de Mallorca is a study abroad fantasy island! Learn or advance your Spanish language skills, get authentic work experience with an internship at one of the many five-star hotels or restaurants, and rub elbows with locals by taking classes across academic areas at Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). Business + Tourism, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Embrace Your Inner Zen

Sure, you could fill a semester with a class on the Land of the Rising Sun, but why not don a kimono and immerse yourself in it? The ancient capital of Japan is today’s cultural capital, filled with imperial palaces, Zen gardens, Shinto shrines, and classical Buddhist temples. Learn or advance your Japanese language skills; compare ancient and modern Japan during a Tea House ceremony; understand the influence of religion on society gazing peacefully at a bamboo grove; and gain true understanding of Japanese culture strolling through Japan’s highest pagoda, Toji Temple. Ancient + Modern Japan, Kyoto, Japan

Dive Under, Down Under

Sitting in the crystal-clear waters, halfway up the western coastline of Australia, is a 162-mile long coral reef teeming with turtles, 500 species of tropical fish, dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales, and gentle whale sharks. For ecology and/or marine biology buffs, Perth is NIRVANA. It’s also Australia’s sunniest and environmentally conscious port filled with a lively arts, entertainment, and music scene. Grab your snorkel gear and discover all that awaits in Perth’s magnificent underwater world. Biology + Ecology Field Studies, Perth, Australia

Trek Through Ancient Lands

When’s the last time you hopped on a camel, rode into the desert, and camped under the stars in the Valley of the Moon? EXACTLY. Study abroad in Amman, Jordan offers a plethora of otherworldly and unforgettable experiences. Learn or advance your Arabic language skills; explore jaw dropping Roman ruins like the Temple of Hercules and the 6,000-seat Roman Amphitheater; float in the Dead Sea; get to know local Jordanian students by taking classes at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT); live on creamy hummus, fresh baked pita, and delicious fattoush salad. Middle East Studies, Amman, Jordan


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