3 Stunning Sisters: The Balearic Islands

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Sydney H.

Sydney H.
Okay, so technically there’s four Balearic Islands but I only made it to three, so I’ll leave Formentera up to you to explore. Here is a quick rundown of three uniquely spectacular islands:


Mallorca: My bustling home

The island of Mallorca has a little bit of everything, from sand and rock beaches to mountain peaks and olive groves. By summer it has countless beaches to lounge on, by winter it has world-class hiking, and all year round it has rich history to explore.

Although Mallorca is a notorious tourist destination across Europe, there are still many unspoiled beaches and quaint towns to discover. Towns across the island have retained their rich culture which I enjoyed so much during my time there. There are countless markets, festivals, and celebrations for just about everything.

Eivissa: You Probably know it from that one song

Better known as Ibiza, it has quite the reputation. While yes, it does have world-class nightlife, this island is so much more. It is easy to spend a day getting lost in the citadella which is rich in history and beautifully preserved. There are countless cafes, shops, and small markets to choose for a break from walking. As on any island, there are also wonderful beaches to spend the day soaking up the sun.



Menorca: A peaceful getaway

It is almost as though the Balearics get more relaxing as you head north: first the upbeat Ibiza, then lively Mallorca, and finally serene Menorca. Or as the people here would say, “tranquila.” Menorca was the nicest surprise for me of all the islands. Their two largest cites, Mahon and Ciutadella, are situated on the water with their own spectacular ports. Life here on Menorca is focused towards the sea, making it a great summer spot.


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