3 Months

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Phillip D.

As of yesterday, I have been in the Dominican Republic for 3 months. For me, this month has probably been the least eventful and the most overwhelming month that I’ve experienced during my time in this country. Instead of doing lots of traveling, I’ve spent many of my weekends this month either doing short trips or just staying in my host home in Santiago. While everything has more or less been much more stable this month than in the last 2 two months, I do wish I would’ve had more friends and funds in order to do a bit more solo traveling. There’s definitely still a lot of Dominicans in this country that I would love to meet in person, but it seems as if that may not be possible given the fact that I have less than 2 weeks left. 

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Although I’ve been much more stressed out lately by my classes than usual, I believe I could handle it for even longer if it meant that I could stay in this country a bit longer. I still feel as if there’s so much to this place that I have not seen and I would put forth so much more effort to see it all if I had the time and resources. I often feel as if the time I’ve spent this semester sleeping at home and using my phone could’ve been used to do things that were much more productive, but I also am aware that rest and mental health always come first. Although the end isn’t quite here yet, I can feel it creeping up every second. I will do my absolute best to make the most of these last two weeks!