The 3 Best Places to Study in Prague

By: Grace Blendonohy

Balancing a move to a foreign country while prioritizing schoolwork can be overwhelming. Luckily, if you study abroad in Prague, I have found the best places to look to maximize your productivity so you can excel in school, all while getting to explore the city.

My three go-to places to study in Prague:

1. Coffee Corner Bakery 

Address: Korunní 1342/96, 101 00 Vinohrady

Located just a block away from my housing in the neighborhood of Vinohrady, Coffee Corner Bakery is an excellent place to get work done before heading to CIEE. Its location is right next to the tram stop, too, and they offer coffee for sitting down or on the go. If you get there before 9 am, you should be fine getting a table. However, they tend to be very busy on the weekends but take reservations. Wifi is also offered, along with outdoor seating and an all-day menu. So whether you are an early morning worker or a night owl, Coffee Corner Bakery is the spot for you. I come here when I need to get work done before class. 

2. Kro Coffee 

Address: Vinohradská 1012/64, 130 00 Vinohrady

A block from Coffee Corner Bakery, Kro Coffee offers coffee and an all-day breakfast menu. Their pastries are delicious, and they sell loaves of homemade bread daily. I recommend getting there early to purchase an almond croissant, as they sell out fast. I like to work here on the weekends because of the building’s natural sunlight, and because of its smaller size than Coffee Corner Bakery, it tends to be quieter. My favorite study snack is a flat white and their classic dish, “eggs in a glass.” Note that Kro Coffee does not offer dairy substitutes for coffee drinks. 

3. Starbucks Reserve 

Address: Jungmannova 750/34, 110 00 Nové Město

Just a street over from Wenceslas Square, the Starbucks Reserve in Prague is not only in an excellent location but offers all the amenities a U.S. Starbucks has, including its prices. However, the workers here are very friendly, and free Wi-Fi is available. When I study here on the weekdays, baristas walk around with complimentary espresso and pastry samples every hour. I like to come here when I need to write papers or work for a more extended period of time, as this Starbucks has comfortable seating and a peaceful atmosphere.