2 Months

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Phillip D.

As of yesterday, I have officially been in this country for 2 full months. This past month has been different from my first, but everything has been a learning experience nonetheless. It’s crazy to think that I have less than a month and a half left in this place. It’s something I’d rather not think about at all of were being honest. While I try my best to stay in the moment and appreciate everything positive that’s going on right now in my life, I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that the end is slowly approaching.

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I’ve really come to love and appreciate this country for what it is and I’m still enjoying the experience of adapting and learning a completely different culture. Although not every moment I’ve had here has not been the happiest of moments, I know that I can take everything I’ve been exposed to here with me. This experience is something that is continuing to shape my perspective on how I view the world we live in and how I plan to stay involved as a citizen of it. Despite everything that I’ve experienced during the past month, I know that it’s shaping me into somebody that I will be proud of in the end and for that I am forever grateful.