2 (almost) Weeks In Santiago

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Phillip D.

Santiago has more or less become a second home for me. It's a city with experiences and livelihoods that most of us never quite have the chance to witness back in the states. Though it is always hot and humid (not at all exagerating) and I have regrets about not buying a sim card when I first had the chance, I have developed a special connection to this place. I still remember the first night I arrived here. I was hot, tired, had a headache, and all I could think about was sleeping and calling my friends and family. Though my first interaction with my host mom was rather embarresing, (I used the "tu" form instead of "usted") I was nonethless delighted by her warm embrace. 

Going to downtown Santiago has been a very interesting sight, and, despite how hot it was, I LOVED Santo Domingo. I believe studying in that city would probably give me a much different experience, but Santiago is a city that forces me to leave my comfort zone and for that I am happy to be here instead. Though it's been almost two weeks, I still have a lot of adpating to my environment that needs to get done. I don't really know my way around town (or PUCMM), I still haven't really figured out how the concho system works, I still have very limited access to wifi, and, most of all, I still tons of trouble understanding the Dominican dialect. Regardless though, I'm embracing the challenge and my experience and I absolutely cannot wait to see how much I change as a person once I finish studying abroad. I just might even develop an accent!