1Million Dance Studio: Just Do It!!!

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Kelsey M.

     One of the most prominent aspects of the Korean culture that I have noticed from my time in Seoul is how large the dance community is. From street performances in Hongdae to the intricate dance choreographies of Kpop idols, dance stands out. If you are a fan of dance, then you may know of 1Million Dance Studio. Artists from all over the world have visited this studio which is full of very hard working choreographers and dancers. For some background information, I am a former collegiate volleyball player who is athletic but I lack creativity in dance. Even though I may not be as skilled, I find dancing very fun and enjoyable. This week I got the chance to attend a 1Million class with my Yonsei University friend who goes quit often. At first, as someone who can not dance, this idea was terrifying. You look at the videos from the dancers there and see how much work and passion they put into each performance. How could I possibly do that? But as someone who is in Seoul, I have an opportunity most people would dream to have. So, I took a deep breathe and went. It takes about thirty minutes to get to the studio and right when you arrive you are surrounded by such a cool vibe. The nerves melt away and you see people of all different skill sets just coming to have fun and dance. It does not matter if you are a novice or elite, this place just emphasizes family and the love of dance. The class itself was an hour and twenty minutes and had a hiphop vibe. It was a workout and it really put me out of my bubble, but it was an experience I can be proud of for the rest of my life. I made the coolest friends, I got to dance under a celebrity choreographer, and I got to experience the community aspect of a large dance company. I would highly recommend going and trying at least one class to just do it. That is what I had to tell myself multiple time and it was so worth it. Just do it!! Since my nerves are all gone and I have had an enjoyable experience, I plan on attending a lot more classes as I continue living in Seoul.