1 Million Dance Studio

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Aanandi M.

Something that was on my bucket list before coming to Korea was attending a class of the famous 1 Million Dance Studio in Seoul. 1 Million Dance studio is famous for its dynamic choreographies to both American pop music and Korean pop music. It’s founder, Lia Kim, is also known for choreographing for various idols groups such as Super Junior.

From Sinchon, the subway ride was approximately 30 minutes. My friend and I had bought tickets for Sieun Lee’s Learner class, where she would be teaching a remix to Jay Park’s Mommae. Once we got to One million they checked our ticket using a QR code. We entered the famous dance studio seen in youtube videos and began stretching. Once we finished dancing, Lee Sieun began teaching the dance. Even through the dance class is supposed to be learners, it was definitely not easy. I often struggled following along and there were times where I simply just watched because it was too difficult to follow along. However, I definitely did not mind because I was there more so for the experience rather than to master the dance. 

The highlight of this experience, however, was after the class ended. After the class ended, my friend and I were taking pictures outside the building. It was then when the one and only Lia Kim greeted us by the building. I was initially so shocked, but I decided that I did not want to let the opportunity to get a picture slip by. It was then I asked her if it was okay to take a picture. She kindly said yes and even suggested a nice location to take the picture. This was possibly one of the biggest highlights of my experience in Korea so far.

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