How to use Your TEFL Certification

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Maybe you’re getting TEFL certified with a specific job or destination in mind. Perhaps you’re getting TEFL certified because you want to teach someday, just not yet (good news is that your TEFL certification never expires). Or, maybe you’re doing this on an impassioned whim, wanting to make difference in the world with no idea how.

There are billions of reasons – and multiple ways – to use your TEFL certificate, so if you don’t have all the answers just yet - fear not. We’ve got some ideas. ‚Äč

Before you finish your certification

Take your Training Abroad

CIEE's Teach Abroad Express programs are a small time commitment, with big results. They are designed to give you in-classroom experience, while building your cultural competence in a foreign region. During your two weeks of practicum you’ll learn from professional ESL mentors, practice teaching, and engage with local communities - all of which will help you transition into a full-time position down the line (should you choose that path).

After you finish your certification

Teaching English as a foreign language is a life changing experience. Not just for you, but for the people who will grow under your tutelage as well. Giving someone the gift of language is a transcendent experience, and one made all the more rewarding when you immerse yourself in a foreign culture to do it.

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for, here are a few ways to make it happen:


TEFL Abroad

CIEE TEFL is now offering an opportunity to get TEFL-certified and then apply to be a teacher at no additional cost. After completing your TEFL certification, we will match you with a teaching placement in one of four locations, where you will work directly with your school to organize your travel and work details. You will still have a to go through the application process, but with  TEFL certification in hand you will definitely stand out from the rest of the pool.

Placement Locations


Costa Rica


CIEE Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad with a program provider will give you all the support you’ll need when heading overseas. With all this support comes a price tag, so don’t be surprised when you see program fees attached to their opportunities. There are a number of providers out there, but what can we say? We’re biased - and for good reason. For starters:

  • CIEE offers paid teaching positions to university graduates looking to share their language and culture all over the world
  • We’ll help get you settled in another country with an orientation upon arrival, pre-departure assistance, 24/7 in-country support, and international insurance (to name a few)
  • We offer programs in a variety of locations
  • Our 70 years of being in business means we are thoroughly entrenched around the world, with a network of support at your disposal

Discover in-depth details about each of our Teach Abroad programs.

Teach Online

Just as you’re learning how to teach English online, there are literally billions of people learning to speak and read it the same way. If you’re not in a position to leave the country because you already have a job - or are even looking to make a little extra money in your free time, teaching English online may just be perfect for you. Some benefits at a glance:

  • Breadth of opportunity: Millions of people around the world are learning English online
  • Competitive pay: earn $14-$22 USD per hour, depending on experience
  • Make a difference in the world without uprooting your life

Learn what it’s like to teach online from some of our past participants.

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Teach at Home

You don’t have to travel the world to make a world of difference. There’s plenty of work to be done in your own backyard. Refugees, immigrants and community members from non-English speaking homes are in need of people like you. If you’re a passionate member of your local community, and are looking to broaden your reach, this may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Nantucket residents are making a difference in their community by getting TEFL Certified.

Regardless of how you’ll use it, a TEFL certification is the first step.

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