Program Disciplines

Art, Architecture & Design

faculty led study abroad custom programs art museum

Art, Architecture & Design - Prague, Czech Republic

Because of its characteristic steeples, Prague is called the city of a thousand spires.


london downtown night

Baseline To Bottom Line: Exploring The Global Business Of Sport In The Uk - London, England

Come to understand the importance of location to the marketability and profitability of world-famous sporting brands.

rabat morocco coastline buildings

Entrepreneurship - Morocco

Students interact with a variety of entrepreneurs to learn about the different industries in Morocco (e.g. food/produce,leather tanneries, wineries).

Santiago, Chile cityscape hazy sunset

Physical Geography & Astronomy Tourism - Santiago, Chile

Travel south of the equator and experience a bouquet of major climates in one of South America’s most stable and prosperous countries.


Sustainable Business - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Explore the history of Dutch water and wind control and how these resources have been harnessed over the years. 

Environment & Sustainability

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve costa rica.jpg

Applied Tropical Biology - Monteverde, Costa Rica

Research and field work are the focus of this innovative program on tropical rainforest ecology and conservation. 

Forbidden city in Beijing, China

Sustainability - Beijing, China

Explore China’s role in global-scale environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability issues, approaching these issues from both anthropological and artistic perspectives. 

Nyhavn copenhagen denmark.jpg

Sustainability And Clean Tech In The Nordics - Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital city of Copenhagen is known as an environmentally friendly city where cars share the streets with bicycle commuters. 

Health Sciences & Public Health


Health Professions - Santiago, Dominican Republic

Students in the health professions are immersed in Dominican culture and the healthcare system.

cape town south africa student overlook

Public Health - Cape Town, South Africa

Students discover the challenges of providing adequate healthcare in a society with vast socioeconomic inequalities.

Language & Culture

Monteverde landscape.jpg

Culture - Monteverde, Costa Rica

Surrounded by the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica’s cloud forest, students explore the impact of both eco- and mass-tourism. 

BARCELONA, SPAIN Sports Management

History & Culture - Barcelona, Spain

Students from all majors immerse themselves in a cultural feast and discover history’s role in Barcelona’s unique character. 

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Culture - Tokyo, Japan

Students immerse themselves in traditional Japanese culture and explore the historical events that shaped modern Japan. 

Liberal Arts & Humanities

Dublin_ireland Grafton Street

Literature - Ireland

Students travel from west to east across Ireland, studying the ways in which the Irish identity is both shaped and sustained through their rich literary heritage. 

Science, Technology & Engineering

streets in Tokyo japan.jpg

Japanese Business, Technology, And Culture - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is absolutely unique, you have to experience it to believe it. While it is incredibly crowded, with a population of... 

Social & Political Sciences

seoul bongeunsa temple

Gender & Culture - Seoul, South Korea

Immersed in the culture of South Korea students explore the barriers to advancing women’s rights. 

Dublin city shot.jpg

Irish Culture & Identity - Dublin, Ireland

As fiddle music flows through the charming cobblestone streets, the 13th century stone... 

prague winter

Sports & Culture - Prague, Czech Republic

Students experience the beauty of Prague through a unique vantage point – the Vltava river!