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Your Curriculum, Our Campus

With a robust network of academic resources around the world, CIEE is pleased to be a trusted partner for signature custom semester programs. CIEE offers several flexible and innovative models to best support long-term programs to meet the unique goals of our partners.  

Whatever the unique circumstances at your institution, CIEE has a solution:

  • Fully- or partly-customized, cohort-based, school-branded programs in more than 40 other locations around the world
  • A broad spectrum of flexible academic program models to align with your institution’s needs, including programs for first-year students
  • Rigorous academic oversight and co-curriculars
  • A robust living and learning environment with diverse extra-curriculars and student-services  
  • Industry-leading health and safety and risk management protocols for all students

Keep your students enrolled, engaged, and on track with CIEE.  


Why Partner with CIEE?

Dedicated Team of Support

Our US- and on-site teams work collaboratively to ensure your program is well supported from program ideation to program departure. With our industry-leading health and safety support, we are there for you to manage emergencies and program disruptions around the clock.

Global Networks and Infrastructure

In each of our 40+ locations, our on-site staff offer deep networks in academics and industry to support and enhance your program goals, as well as logistic support and spaces for teaching and learning.

Flexible Academic Models

We offer flexible and innovative program models year-round across our locations around the world that appeal to diverse audiences and themes. Get inspired by our Program Portfolio below!

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CIEE History & Experience

During the pandemic, which halted the entry of international students into the US, CIEE partnered with US institutions to develop and deliver unique, cohort-based semester programs for their international students in cities around the world.

Supporting more than 2,000 students from 10 US institutions in 3 global locations, these customized programs, unique to each institution and their students, allowed schools to retain students and revenue, introduce students to their US campus culture and curriculum, and begin building school affinity all while overseas. 

Building on this experience, CIEE continues to offer custom semester programs to our US partners for all student types to help them meet their goals for internationalization, retention, and beyond. 

What's Included

CIEE has the experience and infrastructure to support a wide range of academic, student life, and health and safety services at our international study centers. The following program inclusions and services can be incorporated into your program to support your program goals: 

  • CIEE courses or your courses taught on-site or online
  • Faculty recruitment, training, and oversight
  • Classroom Space
  • Internships
  • Service-Learning
  • Expert guest lectures
  • Industry site visits
  • Tutoring
  • Housing
  • Social activities and meals
  • Excursions
  • Cultural events and activities
  • Transportation
  • Resident Assistant (for first year programs)
  • Program Assistant accompaniment at all CIEE-led activities
  • Orientation
  • Global and local risk management
  • 24/7 Emergency response plan
  • Insurance coverage
  • Program design and planning support
  • Enrollment services
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Evaluations
  • Centralized billing 

Get Inspired

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Global Flex Program

See how we have partnered with Arizona State University to deliver a unique hybrid coursework model of our Open Campus Block program.


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Customized First Year Abroad

Send first year students abroad in the fall or spring and internationalize your campus through fully customized or modified first year abroad programs.


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