Morocco: Entrepreneurship

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Program Highlights

Students interact with local entrepreneurs to learn about the trade industries and the historical significance of these trades in modern day culture.


Morocco’s main industry is importing and exporting. Aside from the local arts and crafts found on every street, many industries are involved in trading, including food/produce, textiles, leather tanneries, wineries, and more, which students witness firsthand through workshop and cooperative visits.


There’s no shortage of amazing places for students to take in: ancient ruins of Challah, Andalusian Gardens, High Atlas Mountains, Ourika Valley, Rabat’s ancient medina and Kasbah. Through guided tours, students gain insight into the modern and traditional architecture and customs.


Moroccan food is diverse and derives from multiple cultures but the commonality between it all is the abundance of spices, which adds robust flavor to dishes. Students participate in a cooking workshop to create delicious dishes from scratch, including couscous and a savory stew called tagine.

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Bicultural and multilingual, Madiha DeRosa has worked with both American and Moroccan university student and faculty groups. She brings a strong background in student services, teaching, and intercultural project coordination to her position as director. Madiha received her master’s degree in international education and development from George Washington University and her bachelor’s degree in international relations from Boston University.


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