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Back to Beijing
By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
Today marked the last day the Discoverers spent in Tianjin. We took a quick look at the Shi Family Compound, a beautiful complex of historic architecture on the outskirts of...keep reading
  • Ana's Blog Takeover: Bee Happy!
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    BUZZ BUZZ. The Bee Happy farm had a bunch of activities in store for us and plenty of food. In the morning we had a wonderful and scrumptious breakfast. After...keep reading
  • Chinese Tea Art
    By Ting Li at CIEE
    Tea is the national drink in China. Chinese tea just as Chinese character has a long history, and serves as an important part of Chinese long-standing history and culture. As...keep reading
  • Family weekend
    By Ru Si at CIEE
    Minzu University's cafeteria is awesone, but home made food is better. Over the weekend, students spent time with host family to cook, visit elderly or go to fun site.keep reading
  • 798 Art District
    By Ting Li at CIEE
    Today was the day I was most excited for. I went to Beijing 798 Art District. The Art district was what sounded the most interesting to me. And it was...keep reading
  • Calligraphy, Martial Arts, and Karaoke
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    Tai Chi Sword uniquely Chinese form of Martial Arts. Chinese Calligraphy is similarly a cultural phenomenon. Our students learned both yesterday and ended the day with some Karaoke, one of...keep reading

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