Navigating Culture Shock as a High School Student

In our latest episode of the Out of Your Comfort Zone podcast, we're talking about culture shock on a high school summer abroad program.

Last summer, Maryjane jetted off to Rome for Italian Language & Culture while Tamara traveled to Paris to immerse herself in French Language & Culture

Here is what they had to say about their experience last summer and how they navigated the excitement and uncertainty they felt as the settled into program.



What is Culture Shock? 

Culture shock is something we often experience when we find ourselves immersed in a brand-new culture in a new environment. Whether learning the nuances of the local language, trying out foods you'd never imagine trying, or learning about traditions miles away from your own—a high school study abroad program places you in a variety of new situations that can really "shock" your system. 

It's perfectly normal to end up feeling a bit disoriented and anxious. And that's not necessarily a bad thing! 

It's in those moments of confusion that we can expand our worldview and grow as individuals.


Want to Experience a New Culture in Summer?

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