Application Support

If you are reading this page, chances are you opened a CIEE Summer Abroad application…. Bravo! You are one step closer to a life-changing experience, and we’re excited to guide you through this process.

Before you dive in the detail of each application task, don’t forget:

  • Program application and scholarship applications are two separate things, but you will manage them both from your my.ciee account.
  • If you are planning on applying to a scholarship, your program application won’t be reviewed until you also complete your scholarship application tasks. Make sure you finish both!
  • If you are planning on applying to a scholarship, don’t miss our single deadline: January 18, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Both your program and scholarship applications are due at that date at the latest!

All key application tasks are explained below and illustrated with a step-by-step tutorial video for your reference. Happy binge watching!

Standard Application Tasks

In Case of Emergency

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  • List “Emergency Contacts” as soon as you open your application! This lets us know who your parents or legal guardians are and you’ll need them to complete key tasks like signing the terms and conditions or paying the application fee. Whoever you list as Primary Emergency Contact will receive his/her own access to our Parent Portal where he/she will be able to view your application and complete his/her tasks. To respect your privacy, please note that Primary Emergency Contacts can NOT see the “Gender Identity” task.
  • You will be able to edit this task throughout the application process and all the way up until the time of travel. So if any contact information ever changes, please be sure to  update it on this task from either your student or parent account.

Program Choices & Languages

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  • This task helps us understand your motivations for studying abroad and your language experience. Respond with a thoughtful and concise answer.
  • Please note French and Spanish Language & Culture programs require at least 1 year of high school instruction in the language. All other Language & Culture programs are open to beginners.
  • If you're applying for a scholarship, we'll use these responses to select another program for you if the program you're applying for is full. We award 85% of our Global Navigator financial need scholarships to Language & Culture programs. If you're applying for a financial need scholarship you need to have at least 1 Language & Culture choice. Select 2 other programs you'd be excited about as it's possible you'll receive a scholarship to one of these choices. Do not list the same program more than once as that will limit your chance of receiving a scholarship.
  • Most programs run for two session. Generally, Session 1 starts Sunday, June 13 and Session 2 starts Sunday,  July 11. Double check when your last day of school is and your family plans for the summer, then let us know which sessions you're available for.

Gender Identity

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  • CIEE respects your gender identity. We will use your listed gender whenever we are legally able. In some instances, such as immigration documentation, CIEE may be required to use your sex as listed on your passport. If you have any questions, our staff are eager to discuss how we can support you!
  • To protect students’ privacy, the gender identity task is not visible to Primary Emergency Contacts through the parent portal. It is only visible through the student's account and to CIEE.

Are you applying for a scholarship?

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  • This task lets us know if you are planning on applying to a scholarship or you are choosing not to. It’s not the scholarship application itself!
  • Please note applications that do not include a scholarship application are reviewed on a rolling basis and take about two weeks to process once completed. Applications that include a scholarship application will be reviewed after the scholarship deadline of January 16th.
  • This video describes what scholarship options are available (no scholarship, merit scholarship and merit and need scholarship) and what eligibility criteria are. 
  • For more details on our scholarships and eligibility requirements you can also check out our scholarship page.
  • Once you’re reviewed our scholarships and eligibility requirements, select your choice!
  • If you elect to apply for a scholarship, a scholarship application will be added to your My CIEE Account. Complete all program and scholarship application tasks by January 15 to be considered for a scholarship.

Let's Wrap This Up

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• On this task, you'll let us know how you heard about CIEE. If your family has hosted a student with CIEE in the past, or if you, a sibling or parent have completed a CIEE program before, you may be eligible for a discount! Make sure you list that information correctly in your application.

CIEE Terms & Conditions

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  • This is a very important task. Your parent or legal guardian will need to review and electronically sign our Terms & Conditions. Your application cannot be submitted without their signature!
  • Add the email of your legal guardian to this task, and then they’ll receive an email from CIEE with instructions on how to log into their own account to sign the Terms & Conditions. Your Primary Emergency Contact is often the best person to have complete the Terms & Conditions.

Application Fee

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• There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. You'll need to make this payment before submitting your application to CIEE. It can be paid with a credit card, debit card, or through an ACH payment from a checking account. The Primary Emergency Contact listed in your application can make the payment through their My CIEE Account as well.

Scholarship Application Tasks

Academic Transcript Upload

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  • Upload your most recent transcript. This does not have to be an official transcript. What we do need to see is your full name, school name, your current GPA, a list of courses, and the date of the transcript.  The document will need to be a PDF JPG or Word Doc file to be uploaded. Many students are able to save a PDF of an unofficial transcript through their school account.
    • If you're applying in the fall and don't have your fall semester transcript yet, you can provide the prior year's transcript and a first quarter progress report.
    • If you're a Freshman, please upload your 8th grade transcript and a first quarter progress report for Freshman year.
  • If you're applying for a French or Spanish Language & Culture program, we'll need to see at least one year of instruction in the target language on your transcript. This current academic year included, so you could be taking French 1 this year and apply for French Language & Culture. Remember that Advanced French and Spanish require two years of instruction in the target language.


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  • The scholarship applications includes three short essays.
  • Check out this blog article for tips on how to write a great essay.
  • The essays can be 1-2 short paragraphs in length. Simply follow the prompts!
  • This is your chance to set yourself apart. Write thoughtful, comprehensive essays that speak to your experiences and motivations for studying abroad.
  • For more tips on your scholarship essay, check out this video

Teacher Recommendation

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  • Before entering a teacher's contact information, ask them if they're willing to complete the recommendation and tell them about the program you're applying for. You can let your teacher know that they'll complete the recommendation online and it should take them 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • For more tips on how to follow up with your teacher check out this blog post or watch this video.

GPA and Academics

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  • On this task you'll provide your GPA. There is not a minimum GPA requirement but know that this is a highly competitive scholarship and GPA is considered when reviewing your application. Most successful applicants will have a GPA higher than 2.5. Please provide your weighted GPA. If you school does not calculate GPA for you, follow the link provided for a GPA calculator.
  • Finally, let us know if you take any AP, honors or college level courses by answering Yes or No.

Verify Your Eligibility (Financial need applicants only)

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  • This task will appear only for those who are applying for an Academic Merit + Financial Need scholarship. It is here to help you verify that you are indeed eligible for the scholarship.
  • Current seniors graduating in 2021 are not eligible for this scholarship. You must be a current freshman, sophomore or junior. Check YES to verify you will graduate in 2022, 2023 or 2024.
  • Will you graduate in 2021? If the answer is YES, you are not eligible for this type of scholarship. Email and we can talk to you about the Academic Merit only scholarship, which you may be eligible for.
  • The Academic Merit + Financial Need scholarship is a once in a lifetime award. If you received and traveled on an Academic Merit + Financial Need scholarship in a prior year, you cannot apply again. Email us at as you may be eligible to apply for the Academic Merit only scholarship.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to apply for this scholarship. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you may apply for the Academic Merit only scholarship. Email us at and we'll correct this in your account.

ACADEMIC MERIT + FINANCIAL NEED SPECIFICS (Financial need applicants only)

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  • Academic Merit + Financial Need scholarships can cover 10% - 100% of program tuition. Scholarship award amounts are determined by the level of financial need demonstrated. To asses financial need, you’ll need to provide the household’s total income, adjusted gross income, and number of household members as reported on your household’s 2020 IRS tax form 1040.
  • Carefully follow the instructions within the task based on your household’s 2020 IRS form 1040.
  • Round any dollar amount to the nearest whole dollar. Do not include cents!