Looking To Make Your Trip More Affordable?

Here are some ways to defray expenses:

  • Apply for a Global Navigator Scholarship by the priority deadline to increase your chances of getting a scholarship. It also gives you more time to fundraise! No scholarship applications will be considered past the final deadline. Check out our Global Navigator Scholarship page for more information.
  • Join forces with other student travelers to brainstorm a fundraiser.
  • Create a fundraising appeal of your own. Reach out to those with similar interests – and explain the educational or service-learning work you'll be doing overseas.
  • For alumni-proven fundraising tips, download the Student Fundraising Toolkit!


Fundraising Is a Great Way to Help Pay For Your Adventure Abroad.

Look at the video below to see how one of our Global Navigators raised over $5,000.00 in just six weeks! 

Creative Fundraising Ideas

Put your heads together with other student travelers to brainstorm creative fundraising ideas. Or devise a doable plan on your own, based on your skills, interests, and things you do best.


Student posing with dog in Gaborone

Odd Jobs

  • Babysitting
  • Pet-sitting or dog-walking
  • Lawn-mowing
  • Yard work
  • Window washing
  • Car washing

Design and create some eye-catching business cards and/or flyers to advertise your services! Be sure to describe the educational or service opportunity for which you are raising money.

Students cutting cakes at a bake sale in Amsterdam

Global Bake Sale

A traditional bake sale with an international twist! Sell Irish scones or soda bread, Italian biscotti or anisette cookies, French baguettes, Mexican wedding cakes, Tanzanian chapati.

  • Practice your culinary skills with recipes from around the world.
  • Make signs to describe each baked good, including its origin, history, and ingredients. Be sure to advertise that the funds raised will go towards an educational or service learning opportunity — in the name of good global citizenship!
Students playing guitar in Moroccan cafe

Other Ideas

  • Hold a yard sale.
  • Sell clothing and items on E-Bay.
  • Ask family and relatives if you can use their frequent flyer mileage.
  • Be a "user tester" for websites.
  • Make a website for a local business or charity.
  • Teach adults how to use social media. (A one-hour session with five people @ $10 each = $50.)
  • Tutor elementary or middle-school students.
  • Teach English as a second language online.
  • Busking (for musicians).
  • Art Exhibit (for artists and friends).
  • Put on a play or mini-musical.