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Discovering Shanghai: A Journey through Language, Culture, and Community Service

By Wen Cai at CIEE

The bustling metropolis of Shanghai welcomed us with open arms as we embarked on an unforgettable journey of learning, crafting, and community service during our first week. With eager hearts... keep reading


¡Bienvenido a Mallorca!

By Haleigh Donovan at CIEE

After long travel days, international connections, and many, many hours, our group has made it to Palma de Mallorca! We were greeted by smiling host families at the airport who... keep reading


Welcome to Palma!!!

By mariah Usseglio at CIEE

We started our day at the famous Plaza España and made our way to the CIEE ELE Center to jump right into orientation! Students were eager to get to know... keep reading


Ahoj (hi), Prague!

By Courtney Kobos at CIEE

Upon their arrival to Prague, students from different states gathered in the airport, holding their excitement as they wore blue CIEE shirts. The high school program has been active for... keep reading


Exploring "La Tacita de Plata" (Cádiz)

By Daniel Kreider at CIEE

Last Saturday, June 15th, the students from our High School Summer Abroad program had an unforgettable experience with a trip to the historic city of Cádiz, known as the "Tacita... keep reading


Week 1, narrated by Global Navigators

By Becky Ratero Greenberg at CIEE

This week I, Becky, asked my students to take over the blog, so that you could hear about their experiences directly from them. Here from Aracely and Lesly: Hello! Our... keep reading


Eid Al-adha

By Ami Hauser at CIEE

This blog is written by a student : Ariadne Georgiou My first celebration of Eid Al-Adha was so incredibly beautiful, peaceful, and enjoyable! The whole day was centered around family... keep reading


Surf's up in Rabat!

By Ami Hauser at CIEE

On Friday afternoon, students took a ride in the fluka boats in the Bouregrag river. On one side of the river is Rabat and on the other side is another... keep reading


Welcome to Singapore: Let the Adventure Begin!

By Erica Kulback at CIEE

Things are heating up in Singapore! Despite the high temperatures, students and staff have had an action-packed, fun-filled first few days in Singapore. Upon arrival, the group toured the surrounding... keep reading


Initiation à la Danse Bretonne

By Beth-Ann Alto at CIEE

Today the Rennes Honors students went to l’Association Bourg l’Evêque to learn more than a handful of traditional Breton dances from a lovely group of folks. They danced hand-in-hand, or... keep reading


Exploring Copenhagen: A Walking Tour with Survival Danish

By Yatziri Michicich-Ochoa at CIEE

As the Program Leader for CIEE's Taking Climate Action High School Abroad program, I recently led our 13 students on an enriching walking tour of Copenhagen, guided by our teacher, Niels. We explored the city's history and culture, learning essential "Survival Danish" phrases and discovering landmarks. The students embraced Danish values and the concept of "hygge," gaining confidence and enthusiasm for their time in Copenhagen. Stay tuned for more updates from our journey!


An Unforgettable Day in Cádiz

By Nekane Del Sol at CIEE

Last Saturday, June 15th, the students of our High School Summer Abroad program enjoyed a day full of history and culture in the charming city of Cádiz. The day began... keep reading


Session 1 arrives in Sydney!

By Maxine Eisenberg at CIEE

After maybe the longest flight we have all ever taken, CIEE Sydney Session 1 has arrived upside down and in the future! In the land of kangaroos, wallabies, and spiders... keep reading


Sunday is Family Day!

By James Cain at CIEE

On Sunday, Our Palma de Mallorca Language and Culture Session One students had the opportunity to spend the day with their host families. No waking up and hurrying to Plaza... keep reading


A weekend to the Spanish Capital

By Ryan VanSant at CIEE

After their busy first week of arrival, orientation, classes and projects, our Global Navigator Alicantinos spent a weekend in the bustling capital of Spain, Madrid