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  • Enjoying Food in Toulouse
    By Maylen Rafuls at CIEE
    All Toulouse language learners do a unit on food during their stay in France. According to their level of French, they learn food vocabulary, how to order at a restaurant,...keep reading
  • Sevillanas y Cajón
    By Nathan Svedvik at CIEE
    Each group (we have 5 different groups of 9 or 10 students) participated in a 2 hour class in which we learned how to dance the traditional "Sevillanas" flamenco dance...keep reading
    Into the Dry Forest
    By Alexander Schwank at CIEE
    As our journeys through Costa Rica continue, we found ourselves travelling up the coast, to the far north of the country. For three days we stayed on Santa Elena Peninsula,...keep reading
  • Tianjin Trip
    By Ting Li at CIEE
    last weekend we went to tianjin. We took the high speed train from Beijing, taking about 30 minutes to get there!It went at a high speed of 350 klm/hour! We...keep reading
    The Great Tokyo Sushi Academy Experience
    By Sarah Wong at CIEE
    With the international ubiquity of sushi, one might picture in their mind a standard California roll, the glow of orange tobiko, and the sinus-clearing power of wasabi and forget the...keep reading
  • Magical Marrakesh
    By Kamera Bracey at CIEE
    This weekend our students travelled to Marrakesh and Ourika Valley, which is located in the Atlas Mountains. Marrakesh is known for its busy city center and amazing Moroccan artistry. Instead...keep reading
    By Dawn Dinkins at CIEE
    Back home, I often hear a story called the "Starfish Story". The basic gist of the story is that, even if you can't help everyone or make a difference in...keep reading
  • STUDENT BLOG- Maleah P.
    By Dawn Dinkins at CIEE
    Our friends Emma and Hannah invited us over to watch the sunset on Doña Mila's (thier host mom) rooftop. It was absolutely beautiful! We looked at the cotton candy sky...keep reading

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