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  • Communications Créative
    By Mackenzie A. at CIEE
    Before our visit to Bercy Skatepark, level II students generated questions for our Ozlefrançais activity to ask about how the 12th arrondissement and Bercy neighborhood supports artists and creative young...keep reading
  • It Takes Two to Tango
    By Elizabeth Grear at CIEE
    It’s no wonder people from all over the world flock to Buenos Aires to study tango. After all, tango was born in the city’s immigrant neighborhoods and has evolved over...keep reading
  • Travelers
    By Kori Catlin at CIEE
    The kiddos of Session II: Amsterdam, Queer Life and Activism are no longer visitors, or tourists.. We are officially travelers. Together we have acclimated to this beautiful city, figured out...keep reading
  • Climbing the Steps of St. Paul's
    By Alexis Savas at CIEE
    Yesterday, we had a very full day. After class, our Global Navigators climbed all 528 steps of St. Paul's Cathedral for an amazing view over London. We were all in...keep reading

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