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  • So much to FARE! So much to VEDERE!
    By Francesca Cellini at CIEE
    In these past couple weeks, students have done and seen so many things! From learning how to make a fresco and mosaics to visiting the Colosseum, St. Peter's dome and...keep reading
  • Student Post: Zoe L
    By Emma Butler at CIEE
    You ever wonder why study abroad students never seem to stop talking about their experience? It’s because these trips are unforgettable! My experience in Rennes, France with CIEE was absolutely...keep reading
  • La Casa Encendida
    By Ovie Ojeni at CIEE
    After a day filled with amusement park fun, we decided to visit a cultural and social center called La Casa Encendida. Each month, this center is filled with modern exhibitions...keep reading
  • Until We Meet Again
    By Penelope de Leon at CIEE
    Well, that's a wrap for Session 2 Marine Biology in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Okay so the kids left last Saturday but I couldn't bring myself to write the last...keep reading
  • Parlons avec des ados français!
    By Tracy Gallo at CIEE
    During week 3 of the 4 week program, the PARIS students had an opportunity to meet with some local French teens! What an amazing opportunity! During their OZ en français...keep reading
  • An Afternoon on the Garonne
    By Brian Herman at CIEE
    Everyone in our group has taken opportunities to stroll along the Garonne in the past few weeks and cross some of the beautiful bridges that link the right and left...keep reading

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