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  • Gaelic Games
    By Laurie Perrin at CIEE
    Yesterday students had the opportunity to learn and practice Gaelic Games from a couple Irish players who grew up with the sport. First they learned how to play hurling, which...keep reading
  • A Visit to Parlement
    By Emma Butler at CIEE
    On Tuesday, students visited the Parlement of Brittany to learn about the French legal system, the history of the building, and the meaning of the beautiful artwork. We learned about...keep reading
  • Un Paris-Brest, s'il vous plaît!
    By Brian Herman at CIEE
    France's culinary tradition is among the best in the world. From elaborate dishes, delectable sauces, to unparalleled desserts, France is a food lover's paradise. On Tuesday, half of our students...keep reading
  • Paella for Twelve
    By Avery Stern at CIEE
    Our trip is winding down, but fret not because we are now professional chefs, returning home ready to start a 5-star restaurant. On Tuesday night we crossed over the bridge...keep reading
  • Artists at work!
    By Rachel Leidemann at CIEE
    The other side of the Guadalquivir River is home to many ceramics artists, and the students visited one of the oldest ceramic workshops in Sevilla. Bea told us that this...keep reading
  • From Renaissance to the Modern Age
    By Flavia Cicerelli at CIEE
    Our last week has started with an amazing journey into the Modern Age of Arts. The global navigators has visited one of the most fascinating museums of Rome: the National...keep reading
  • A look at the rooftops of Madrid
    By Isabel López at CIEE
    Today the students of the advanced group 3 have raised their eyes to observe the ornaments that crown the buildings near the Gran Vía and Sol. It only took a...keep reading
  • Flamenco, Sevillanas, Ole!
    By Patricia Black at CIEE
    If you are lucky enough to be in Seville, you have to take a Flamenco class, and so we did!. We got to our meeting point, Plaza Nueva and we...keep reading

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