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How High School Summer Abroad Challenges Foster Personal Growth

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

In the latest podcast episode, we catch up with our alumni on the challenges they experienced during high school summer abroad and the growth they've seen in themselves since!


Navigating Culture Shock as a High School Student

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

Check out our latest podcast episode where we're talking about the awkward moments and blissful surprises of high school study abroad.


Introducing CIEE’s New High School Study Abroad Podcast!

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

This week, we’ve officially launched the first episode of our new high school study abroad podcast: “Out of Your Comfort Zone.” Check it out!


Student Takeover: Skylar's Dreams Come True!

By Giancarlo Spero at CIEE

One of our most enthusiastic and dedicated students Skylar Brustad took the time to share her story for everyone to enjoy. She had her heart set on studying abroad for... keep reading

Classrooms, Camping, and Culture

By Devin S.

Dumela! Please forgive the absence, we've been runnin' all over town! Where did we leave off? Oh, right! On Friday, the Global Navigators headed into Gabs (short for Gaborone). We... keep reading


Farewell CIEE Mohammedia

By Nihal Bouabida at CIEE

They say time does not change us, it unfolds us. These past three weeks have been incredible for our CIEE Mohammedia students. Not only did they deepen their bonds with... keep reading


Trip to Granada

By Lucia Florez Garcia-Blanca at CIEE

This past weekend we went to Granada, one of the most culturally rich cities in Andalucía. We arrived Friday evening with enough time to unpack and go straight to our... keep reading


⁜ ⁜ Scavenger hunt evening ⁜ ⁜

By Isabel Moyano García-Baquero at CIEE

⁜ ⁜ Scavenger hunt evening ⁜ ⁜ What an amazing evening we had yesterday. We met all the students in Prado de San Sebastián, our favourite meeting point. Then, we... keep reading


A Conversation With The Foreign Policy Youth Collaborative

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

Just about a year ago, a handful of friends who attended our CIEE World Government program in Brussels, Belgium, decided to organize to give youth a voice on world affairs... keep reading


Share Your Story - Gratitude

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

Congratulations to our Share Your GRATITUDE Story contest winner, Aden McCracken! Aden traveled to the Yucatán in 2019, on CIEE’s High School Summer Abroad Language & Culture in Mexico program... keep reading


Brooklyn Tech Students Start Study Abroad Club

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

The summer after their freshman year at Brooklyn Technical High School in Brooklyn, New York, Alice G. and Ayan R. participated in CIEE Global Navigator High School Summer Abroad programs... keep reading

Hasta Luego, Barcelona

By Dedipta B.

Barcelona. In one word? I don't know how to describe that. In one word, I could say Barcelona was new. A whole new world for me different from what I've... keep reading

The Best Time of Our Lives - My Life in Berlin

By Kenzo K.

Throughout the month of July I’ve taken over 1,000 pictures during my stay, capturing small things such as the traditional food we ate to pivotal moments like the World Cup... keep reading

Adiós Santo Domingo!

By Ashley G.

Today is officially two full weeks of being back in the states and I must admit that it was hard readjusting. Spending three weeks in the DR was definitely a... keep reading