Our Experience as Black High School Students on a Summer Abroad

In this episode of our Out of your Comfort Zone podcast, we welcome two of our Black alumni to speak on their experience as high school students abroad last summer.

Thousands of miles away from their home state of California, Madyson B. and Carter L. got to learn more about themselves in two completely different cultures in Europe and in Africa.

Discover what it was like for Madyson to travel to Seville, Spain to improve her Spanish language skills in her Honors Spanish Language & Culture program and what it was like for Carter, who got to explore the environmental challenges and efforts of Gaborone, Botswana during his Botswanan Wildlife Conservation program.

CIEE Global Navigator U.S.-based team member Daniel V. joins in as co-host to touch on topics like stereotypes, codeswitching, self-discovery and more.

Check it out: