Where Are Our High School Summer Abroad Participants Now?

How does a high school summer abroad program influence your lifepath after? During our most recent podcast, we set up a surprise reunion to find out!

Bringing together participants who met in summer 2021 on a program in Lisbon, Portugal, we sit down to discover what participants have been up to in the last three years.

What makes this reunion podcast extra special is that our very own Brianna M., host of the Out of Your Comfort Zone podcast, was a Program Leader on their program!

Brianna's former cohort talks about the colleges they're currently attending, the impact their program had on their current decisions, and the ways that they've kept in touch with friends from program... some of whom are their best friends!

They also offer advice for current high school students getting ready to travel to their own high school study abroad programs in just a few weeks.

Check it out: