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What's It Like to Do High School Summer Abroad in Morocco?

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

"If you have the opportunity to do something like this, definitely do it." Christine C., 16, and Mohamad H., 17, flew across the Atlantic this past summer to improve their Arabic language skills in the capital of Morocco. Here's how they describe their program.


Pizza a la parrilla? ... Yes, please!!!

By Eblin Molina at CIEE

Pizza is a favorite food of our students and one of our afternoon cultural activities was to learn how to make pizza. This was not just an ordinary pizza. This... keep reading


Storming the Castle! (and visiting the Palma History Museum)

By Alexander Mazuzan at CIEE

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we wrapped up the last of our program's cultural activities with a visit to Castillo Bellever and a walking tour of some graffiti... keep reading


Scavenging Madrid

By Clare Duckworth at CIEE

As session two comes to a close and the students are feeling confident about their Spanish-speaking abilities and navigation skills, we sent them out on a scavenger hunt (Gymkhana) throughout... keep reading


Let's Play Pétanque!!

By Hayley Tornquist at CIEE

Pétanque (often referred to as Boules ), is a popular French game that dates back to the early 1900’s. It is a relatively simple concept that involves throwing small metal... keep reading


Terra i Mar Aventura! Camping, Hiking, Watersports, and Otherwise in Alcúdia

By Alexander Mazuzan at CIEE

Over this past weekend, July 29 and 30, the whole group traveled to the north of the island for a weekend full of adventure and fun. We met early in... keep reading


Les Familles d'Accueil

By Tracy Gallo at CIEE

Students who are here in Paris for the 4-week immersion Language and Culture program, were welcomed into the homes of many local host families. The host families range from couples... keep reading


Take a historical trip in DaDaoCheng

By Sean Hsieh at CIEE

Today we visited the historic neighborhood of Da Dao Cheng. Established during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, Da Dao Cheng originated as a trading post. The area’s location immediately next... keep reading

Goodbye Session Two Global Navigators

By Devin S.

To our Session Two Students: Hi Friends, Alrighty, y’all already know we think that all of you are absolutely awesome…but strap in because we're gonna say it one more time... keep reading


What is Better than Buying French Pastries? Making Them Yourself!

By Yismelle Duran at CIEE

This week students from the French Language & Culture High School Summer Abroad Program in Paris had the opportunity to do another hands-on activity that they absolutely loved and enjoyed... keep reading


¡Enamorados del Atleti!

By Chassidy Simmons at CIEE

Madrid Session 2 students tour Civitas Metropolitano Stadium.


One last look back before our farewell dinner in Copenhagen

By Marc at CIEE

One final look at Session II. Let's go back in time and relive a few memories


Demat! Learning the Breton Language

By Emma Butler at CIEE

Global Navigators attended a workshop to learn more about Breton language and culture.


On est parti à Lille!

By Catherine Bellanca at CIEE

This weekend the session 2 language & culture students hopped on a bus north to the charming city of Lille. Not far from the Belgian border, Lille boasts beautiful architecture... keep reading


Exploring Ireland's History of Social Justice: A Journey to Kilmainham Gaol

By Matt Bisek at CIEE

As we wrap up the third week of our extraordinary educational journey through Ireland's rich history of social justice, we delve into a significant chapter of Irish history as we... keep reading