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How High School Summer Abroad Challenges Foster Personal Growth

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

In the latest podcast episode, we catch up with our alumni on the challenges they experienced during high school summer abroad and the growth they've seen in themselves since!


Navigating Culture Shock as a High School Student

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

Check out our latest podcast episode where we're talking about the awkward moments and blissful surprises of high school study abroad.


Introducing CIEE’s New High School Study Abroad Podcast!

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

This week, we’ve officially launched the first episode of our new high school study abroad podcast: “Out of Your Comfort Zone.” Check it out!


Rockets from Glen!

By Aliou Sall at CIEE

""Whoosh!" goes the rocket as the motor ignites. In seconds, the rocket is many meters above us, and then a brief moment of silence before the "pop" of the parachute... keep reading


Student takeover: My Final Weekend in Merida - Karl Alan

By Niamh O'Sullivan at CIEE

After 3 amazing weeks, we finally come to the last week of this amazing trip. I’m Karl, a student in level 2B, and this trip has been truly wonderful. This... keep reading


Remembrance and Reflection at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

By Michael McCloskey at CIEE

On Wednesday, students made the journey to the town of Oranienburg. This excursion was quite different from our others since the destination was the memorial center at the site of... keep reading


Student Reflections: Session 2, Week 3

By Jennie Gold at CIEE

This is our final blog featuring student reflections for the HSSA Gaming & Esports Culture program here in Seoul, South Korea. It’s been an exciting and challenging and engaging time... keep reading


Au Revoir, Paris!

By Perry Kanov at CIEE

We have officially reached the last week of program. Last weekend, students enjoyed a weekend trip to Lyon, the capital of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region of France! Upon arrival, students had... keep reading


Student Spotlight - Nepu Hossain - Reflections on Time and Friendships

By Morgan Hopson at CIEE

Time is weird and deeper than I can understand sometimes. I think about how people dont always stay in your life and maybe they are not supposed to or maybe... keep reading


Berlin Bratwurst and Schnitzel!

By Gregory Gaylor at CIEE

Berlin, Germany - the third and final locale in our three-week, three-country, three-city Multi-Site Global Entrepreneurship academic excursion! Only a few days into our German adventure, and Berlin has enthralled... keep reading


Student Spotlight: Javier Rattia Partida Reflects on Toulouse's Aeroscopia Museum

By Rachel Kirk at CIEE

Read for a student reflection on a visit to the aeropsace museum Aeroscopia from Javier Rattia Partida , a high school participant from Texas. "Aeroscopia is a fascinating museum situated... keep reading

Half Way Rewind

By Maryjane C.

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since we all arrived in Rome and met.. and 2 weeks until we all part ways and say goodbye. I can’t believe how quickly these two... keep reading


Ethical Volunteering: Breaking Stereotypes and Creating Connections

By Rihane Zoubairi at CIEE

In the realm of leadership and service, our Global Navigators embarked on a thought-provoking journey during their Highschool Summer Abroad program in Mohammedia, Morocco. They delved into an engaging session... keep reading


A Journey to Scandinavia!

By Gregory Gaylor at CIEE

Only a few days into our Multi-Site Global Entrepreneurship Program, Denmark, the first location of our 3-country tour and a nation of only 5.4 million inhabitants, has lived up to... keep reading


Reflections on Rome- by Guest Blogger Abby A. (Session 1)

By Alexis Savas at CIEE

The last few weeks spent in Rome have been an incredible experience. It has been an informative, exhilarating, unforgettable, and simply put: an adventurous ride. Throughout the trip we visited... keep reading