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How to Apply for Your First Passport

By High School Summer Abroad at CIEE

Prepare early for your study abroad adventure and apply for your first passport. Here’s how!

Our Last Weekend

By Maryjane C.

This past weekend we got to go to Cinecittà World, an amusement and water park about an hours drive from Rome. It was one of my favorite things that we've... keep reading


Pura Vida in Costa Rica

By Samantha Bendoff at CIEE

Students' journeys to Costa Rica began from places all over the United States! While some students met up for a chaperoned flight from Miami, other travelers flew solo all the... keep reading


Packing Essentials from Student Contributors

By Ashlyn Thomas at CIEE

Passport and proof of vaccination These are items that will get you in and out of Amsterdam (Brussels as well). Don't lose these as your passport and vaccination card will... keep reading


¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!: Airport, Host families, and Orientation

By Alicia Heninger at CIEE

Sunday morning, all the students met up with their PLs in their respective cities, Miami and Houston. Before take-off, students did a variety of activities: napped on the floor after... keep reading


and we're off

By Julianne O'Connell at CIEE

Auf geht's leute! Let's go folks! Today’s the day! The day we’ve been waiting for for quite a while - we are leaving for Berlin! Nearly 60 of us across... keep reading


Farewell fish enthusiasts: Student takeover by Abbey

By Ayala Botto at CIEE

Yesterday in the morning we headed to Casa da Baía to have a debrief session! After going over goals for the session as well as wrapping up things, we had... keep reading


Welcome to Berlin!

By Kristina Palacios at CIEE

On Sunday, twenty amazing students gathered with program leaders at big city airports across the United States, with some students already in Europe, to begin our journey to Berlin, Germany... keep reading


The Winding Road to Paradise

By Alana Zick at CIEE

Redeye flights. Running from gate to gate. Snakelike movements up the mountain. Before arriving at the Monteverde Cloudforest campus, students from coast to coast were already embodying the Pura Vida... keep reading


Bienvenue à Paris!

By Emily Burrus at CIEE

Add we're here! A little delay in our flight, but we arrived safely and had a wonderful tour of Paris as we dropped off to our homestays. Our taxi driver... keep reading


Prague through artists' eyes

By Courtney Kobos at CIEE

Prague through artists' eyes "Everyone's passion and imagination seems to elevate mine with each conversation I have" - Addison K. The journey From the start, the group bonded quickly at... keep reading

Introducing Me: Ryan Fairfield, London Student

By Ryan F.

My name is Ryan Fairfield and I am going to be travelling to London to learn under the Theater Arts course. Well, to say "I am going to be travelling"... keep reading

A European Adventure

By Stephanie S.

My name is Stephanie, but I go by Steph for short. I’m from just outside of San Francisco, California (Hillsborough, to be exact!) and I love to play soccer. I’m... keep reading


Our Journey

By Yesenia A. at CIEE

Hello and welcome to the Spanish Foodie and Culture Program Blog! Throughout the blog, you will get a glimpse into the experiences of our nine participants. Our journey began on... keep reading


Greetings from Philly

By Julianne O'Connell at CIEE

Hallo, Freunde! Hello, friends! My name is Julianne and I will be returning this year as a Program Leader for the Berlin Language and Culture program, Session 1. I was... keep reading