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Ashlyn Thomas

Passport and proof of vaccination

These are items that will get you in and out of Amsterdam (Brussels as well). Don't lose these as your passport and vaccination card will be your most important forms of documentation.


We recommend that you bring a few sweaters and a few pairs of pants. It won't be too hot in Amsterdam (see next point) and it won’t always be shorts weather. General tip for your travels: always bring more undergarments than you think you will need!


We didn't expect Amsterdam to be chilly in the summer so be sure to bring layers such as sweaters and jackets!

Umbrella + rain jacket

Be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather! The weather shown on your phone could completely change in the next hour (we love that)!

Space for cheese and chocolate

you'll be bringing back a lot of duch and belgian goodies, be sure to have space for the road. Don’t overpack if you plan to bring back goods or plan to shop in Amsterdam (as there will be many opportunities for you to do so).

Comfortable shoes

We will be walking literally everywhere, be sure to bring shoes that will allow you to walk for long periods of time. Amsterdam is a walkable city and although we use the tram, walking is another one of our favorite forms of transportation. Also, be aware of the bikes!

Toiletries - toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, deodorant

Don't be the unhygienic roommate, make sure to bring all the essentials because the hostel will not provide them for you.


You will be out exploring different parts of Amsterdam, possibly spending some time outside in the sun. Be sure to bring some sunscreen and a pair of glasses in order to stay protected from the sun!

Headphones + Books

These are helpful for those long train rides or just free time in general whether you're taking the train, tram, or walking around the city.

Cash + card

Make sure you bring spending money because there will be plenty of opportunities to try new food, go shopping, etc. Be sure to have both a card and cash because some places take one or the other. Don't worry if you don't bring cash there is an atm near the hostel! Additionally, be sure to tell your bank that you will be abroad this summer. We recommend bringing about $200 in cash (or around this number).


it's important that you bring a European adapter so you can charge all your devices, since Europe has different outlets.


Although it's rare that someone will enter your room when you are away, bring a lock so that you can lock your belongings in your room safely or when you go on excursions

Retainer + Medical supplies

Make sure to bring any important medication like allergy medicine, epipens, pain medicine, prescription medicine etc.

Professional clothes 

We will be entering many government buildings and institutions during the world government program, so you will need to have the appropriate attire to visit these places.

Shower shoes

You might want to wear these, it's up to you!