Industry Expert Insight on the Impact of Study Abroad on Teens

Firsthand exposure to different customs, activities, and perspectives during a high school summer abroad program helps teens transform into more confident adults, with greater knowledge of what they want to do in life and a greater ability to connect with others.

That's just one of the many benefits that study abroad has on teens, according Troy Peden.

As the founder and visionary behind, he has dedicated his time to promoting study abroad for young students.

Peden's website, founded in 1997, is the leading online resource for study abroad—with about 12,000 study abroad and travel organization listings.

Peden has participated in overseas study programs, language schools, and has done extensive travel and volunteering across the world. His daughters are CIEE Global Navigator alums who have participated in the K-Pop Immersion Program in South Korea.

In this episode of our Out of Your Comfort Zone podcast, we speak with Peden on the impact of a global eduation on teens and the reasons why he's chosen to send his teens about with CIEE. Check it out: