A Parent’s Perspective on High School Summer Abroad

It’s not easy for parents to make the decision to send their teen abroad on a high school summer abroad program.

Most parents tend to have similar concerns when sending their teens abroad (in many cases, it’s their very first time going outside the country). In general, the biggest hesitations we see from parents are concerns surrounding:

  • Safety
  • Academics
  • Communication with their teen abroad
  • Cultural barriers

We thought it would be helpful to catch up with our Global Navigator parents and hear from them on how they overcame their doubts!

In this special podcast episode, we talk to two parents—Maria and Michele—who sent their high schoolers with us on summer abroad programs in China, France and Spain.

Listen in as they discuss the transformations their teenagers have undergone and take time to reflect on the various ways their teens have evolve into more confident young adults after program.



Are You On the Fence About Sending Your Teen Abroad?

We provide various resources to help you learn more about safety standards, our approach, program outcomes, and what to expect during program.

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