Meet the Employer: Preschool & After-School Position in Hungary

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CIEE TEFL is honored to partner with various employers worldwide to facilitate job options for CIEE TEFL students and alumni.  One of those options is the CIEE TEFL Job Placement Assistance in Budapest, Hungary.  With two job placement types available, CIEE TEFL wanted to give the one of the employers (this employer offers teaching positions in Preschools and After-school programs) a chance to introduce themselves and highlight their employment option.  

This is what the Preschool & Afterschool employer in Hungary had to say:

Our parent organization’s English Program was founded in America, where the primary goal was to develop children’s skills and personalities through activity-oriented projects. This international organization provides a ‘modernized daycare’ system in nearly 4,000 clubs in the United States, with around four million children, aged 5-18 participating each year.

Our company in Hungary is the first European sister club, with more than 12 years of teaching experience, not to mention the fact that we have also been granted the rights to use the topic- and age-specific curricula our parent organization developed. The Program for Hungarian children is solely available in English with native English speakers who work collaboratively with the Hungarian teachers. That is how it fully integrates into the Hungarian education system, having the primary goal of teaching English in a native environment.

In Hungary, we currently operate in eight public educational institutions, with over thirty teachers from multiple cultures and backgrounds. At present, we currently serve over 730 children aged between 3 & 14 years. To our greatest joy, this figure is continuously increasing, as our company is growing tremendously year after year.

When teaching children, we use a language acquisition methodology and we do not prioritize conscious learning and grammar rules, instead, we focus on spontaneous learning processes, much like when one acquires their mother tongue. The language skills gained and coded in this way are much more efficient and harder to forget. Our goal for children that are participating in the program is to learn English as a way of life.

The program in the Preschool runs for 3+ years. Our small, middle, and large group programs are fully adapted to the Hungarian kindergarten curriculum. In the Afterschool, we have children from 1st grade to 8th grade, so approximately ages 6 to 14.

The usual working hours vary between the schools and the preschools. In the preschools the English session starts at 8 am and finishes at 1 pm, in the grade schools all work is scheduled between 1 pm and 5 pm. Many of our teachers take on a 5+2 shift, as an example, that would be 5 workdays in the Afterschool program, and an additional 2 days as a substitute in one of our Preschools.

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Highlights of the Support Provided by the Employer in Hungary:

  • Filling, applying, and submitting the residence permit, TAJ (insurance card), client gate, and all government related documents.
  • Accompanying teachers to government and medical related appointments
  • Translations at banks, doctors’ offices, and other related places though phone or in person
  • Finding apartments, handling related contracts
  • Help in any and every aspect of the teachers’ lives.
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