Employer Q & A: Personal Considerations When Living in Budapest for the Preschool & After-School Position in Hungary

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Budapest calling, but is it the right fit for you? This Q&A unpacks more personal questions related to teaching English in Budapest. We'll explore everything from navigating the city to important considerations like building a community and overall safety. Get ready to discover if the vibrant Hungarian capital aligns with your personal desires!

Are there any personal safety concerns I should be aware of in Hungary? 

Hungary is generally a very safe country and Budapest is no exception. You can walk anywhere safely, even at night, and you can go to nightclubs and bars with no problems. 

Can I be placed at the same school with friends or colleagues? 

Yes! Our partners can place you with colleagues who you are planning on teaching abroad with. 

What if I get homesick or feel really lonely? 

The teachers that work with the employer are extremely helpful and friendly, so you will make friends easily in Budapest. Additionally, there are multiple people from the employer’s management team that are used to living abroad, so they know the feeling of homesickness you might be experiencing. We are always here to help in every aspect of your life. 

Can I stay for longer than my initial contract? 

Yes, the employer welcomes teachers that wish to stay a longer period and many teachers stay for more than 1 year. 

Can I use the employer in Hungary as a reference for future employment? 

Yes! The employer can serve as a reference for future employment ventures. 

Are there any additional benefits I should consider? 

Opportunity to learn from amazing colleagues and leaders and a chance to get to know the wonderful Hungarian culture!

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