Employer Q & A: Logistics and Practicalities for the Preschool & After-School Position in Hungary

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Dreaming of teaching English abroad? Hungary could be your perfect destination! This post dives into some of the most frequently asked questions about teaching English in Hungary, featuring insights from a CIEE TEFL Job Placement employer offering Preschool & After-School positions. Wondering about logistics, practicalities, and what it's like to teach young learners? We've got you covered!

Is there an interview process? What can I expect?

Step 1: Applications, CV s, motivational letters are reviewed and suitable applicants are selected for an interview with the employer. 

Step 2: Complete 1st interview with employer- this stage will cover questions about the teacher’s personality and responsibilities, approximately 20 min. 

Step 3: If 1st interview is successful, 2nd interview will be scheduled with the Head of Education of the employer in Hungary. 

Step 4: Complete 2nd interview, approximately 60-90 min. 

Step 5: If 2nd interview is successful, a 3rd interview will be scheduled with the CEO of the employer in Hungary regarding financial and contract related topics.

What are the visa requirements? Will I receive assistance with the visa application process?

The employer handles the application for the residence permit. You will enter the country on a normal tourist visa, and your residence permit will take 1-2 months to be finalized from the date of submission (depending on when you have all information ready to go). 

IMPORTANT: This employer only works with native English speakers, and due to local regulations, they prefer teachers with valid passports from the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada.

What happens once I arrive in Budapest?

The employer will arrange temporary or permanent housing for you before arrival, including covering the cost of transport and help checking in to your apartment. Depending on your date and time of arrival either they will be waiting for you at the apartment or one of their teachers will be there to greet you. After you’ve settled in, they have a new teacher orientation in August, which lasts for about a week and offers professional development opportunities and information on logistics and partner institutions.

What does the compensation package include?

The main package for this employer is worth HUF 445,000 net per month, including housing assistance.

Is housing provided for me? How will I commute to work?

The employer will help you find a studio apartment near the city center. Commuting is very good in Budapest; public transportation can take you everywhere. It is easy to get from one place to another, as Budapest has 4 major metro lines as well as multiple bus and tram lines.

Will I receive any health insurance while in Hungary?

Before you come to Hungary you will have to buy an insurance plan that covers you in Europe for at least 3 months. This plan will have to be expandable. As soon as you arrive in the country, the employer will start your residence permit procedure which requires you to have health insurance. Once you are granted your permit, they can help you apply for the Hungarian healthcare card, called TAJ card, which will provide you full medical insurance coverage within the EU.

Are there any resources available to help me navigate culture shock?

Once you’re hired, the employer will send out a booklet they created to help with everything from banking, to Hungarian cuisine, to fashion shopping. Additionally, the employer’s management team is always available to help!

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