Employer Q & A: The Teaching and Work Environment for the Preschool & After-School Position in Hungary

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Curious about what it's really like to teach abroad? This Q&A dives deep into the day-to-day experience! We'll explore the teaching environment, including classroom dynamics, school culture, and collaboration with colleagues for the Preschool and Afterschool position in Budapest, Hungary. Get ready to hear firsthand insights that go beyond the job description.

Will I need to create curriculum and bring class materials? 

The employer has their own curriculum and materials. Training is provided by the company to help support the successful implementation of the program. 

What is the typical class size and age of the students I‘ll be teaching? 

In Preschool the age group is 3-7 with an average class size of 24 In Lower School the age group is 6-10 with an average class size of 23 In Middle School the age group is 10-15 with an average class size of 15 

Is there any support provided for new teachers? 

The employer has a buddy program for their new joiners and a training from team leads, peers and mentors. 

Do I need to learn how to speak Hungarian to be successful at this job? 

Learning Hungarian is helpful for communication with Hungarian co-teachers, but not essential and is not a prerequisite of the job. 

Will I have any paid time off built into my contract? 

Full-time teachers work approximately 40 hours per week, part-time is 30 hours per week. Time off is given during school holidays and teachers receive paid vacation days based on their age, plus all applicable paid public holidays, which usually yields a total of 40+ days of paid time off per year.

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