What is the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program?

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The Republic of Georgia is a developing country that straddles Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It's home to incredible landscapes like the Black Sea, the dramatic Caucasus Mountains, and one of the world's oldest wine regions. It also boasts exciting destinations like the dreamy capital city of Tbilisi and the Vardzia Cave Monastery, to name a few. Those who venture to Georgia instantly fall in love with the nation's friendly hospitality and lively spirit. 

Once part of the Soviet Union, this beautiful nation is now devoted to improving access to English education through the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program. Better known as TLG, this educational initiative strives to push Georgia to the forefront of the global economy while bettering international ties.

If you're looking for a unique teach abroad destination, this guide shares everything you need to teach with the TLG program in Georgia. 

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Snapshot of Teaching English with Teach and Learn with Georgia

Avg. Salary: $150/month
Teaching Hours: 30 hours per week
Duration of contract: 5 or 10 months (one or two semesters)
Application period: Spring to Summer
Start date: September
School term: September to December, January to June
Visa requirements: No visa is required for up to 1 year

What is the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program?

Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) is a volunteer program that places native English, French, German, and Italian speakers in public schools across the country. The program is sponsored by the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and aims to improve access to English education in the country. The program is also meant as a way to raise cultural awareness amongst citizens.

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What are the requirements to teach English with the TLG Program?

Before applying to Teach and Learn with Georgia, it’s necessary to check if you’re eligible. Applicants must;

  1. Be a native English speaker, or a French, German, or Italian native speaker
  2. Have a Bachelor’s degree 
  3. Show proof of a clean background and medical check
  4. Have a TEFL certificate (preferred*)

*A TEFL certificate isn't required to teach with TLG in Georgia, but it can give your application a competitive edge and ensure you're prepared to lead your English students successfully.

Your Responsibilities as a TLG Teacher in Georgia

Participants in the Teach and Learn with Georgia program are hired as co-teacher volunteers that work alongside a local head teacher. TLG teachers are expected to work 30 hours per week, Monday through Friday, divided up as needed by the school. These contracted hours include time teaching and completing lesson prep. 

TLG teachers are primarily responsible for leading listening and speaking activities, but may also be required to handle other teaching tasks as well. TLG teachers are also expected to provide English lessons to their host family members at least three times per week.

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TLG Salary: How much can you earn teaching with Teach and Learn with Georgia?

TLG participants are paid 750 GEL ($265) each month but receive 400 GEL (about $150 per month) after taxes and host family expenses. As part of the program, TLG volunteers are given the option to live with a local host family for the duration of the contract. 

Those that stay with a host family must contribute 200 GEL to help them offset expenses associated with hosting. If you wish to find your own housing, the salary is 625 GEL each month, 500 GEL (about $180) after taxes.

Additional Benefits Provided to TLG Teachers

The monthly stipend TLG teachers receive is relatively low, but the program provides other essential benefits to ensure teachers are comfortable during their stay in Georgia.

The additional benefits teachers in Georgia receive are:

  • Reimbursed round-trip airfare to Georgia
  • Airport pick up, and transportation once arrived
  • A local bank account opened by TLG
  • A local SIM card with affordable rates
  • Health insurance
  • Affordable housing with a local host family
  • One week orientation in Tbilisi
  • 24 paid vacation days for two-semester teachers, winter and summer breaks off

Where are teachers placed in Georgia with TLG?

TLG teachers are placed in public primary schools throughout Georgia and teach first through sixth grade. Teachers are unable to share placement preferences and can be placed anywhere. However, if participants express any medical needs that require a specific location, TLG takes these requests seriously. 

Overall, Georgia is a safe place to teach English abroad, but the country does have two conflict zones where travel should be avoided. However, TLG teachers are not placed in these conflict zones and needn’t worry about safety.

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How to Apply to Teach and Learn with Georgia

Once you've checked your eligibility, it's time to apply! Here's a snapshot of the application process for the Teach and Learn with Georgia program.

1. Fill out a volunteer profile form on the TLG official website.
2. Prepare and submit required information and documents via email to applications@tlg.gov.ge:

  • Personal information
  • Motivation letter sharing interest in the program, any cross-cultural or volunteer experience, teaching experience, etc.
  • A scan of your passport  
  • A professional resume
  • Copies of degrees, diplomas, and professional certifications as applicable 
  • Two professional headshots
  • Two reference letters
  • The self-assessment medical form
  • Take part in a video interview, for those who pass the initial application phase

3. Submit additional documents: Criminal record check and medical examination filled out by a physician
4. Fly to Tbilisi for a one-week orientation 
5. Begin teaching! 

Teach and Learn with Georgia Application Period

The application period for TLG changes each year but typically opens in late spring and closes in August. Teachers begin work at the end of September and receive their flight information from TLG about one week before they need to be in Tbilisi for orientation. After orientation, teachers meet their host families, move to their new homes, and begin teaching shortly after. 

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The Pros and Cons of Teaching in Georgia with the TLG Program

As exciting an opportunity as it is to teach English in Georgia, everything comes with pros and cons. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of the TLG program.

Pros of the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program

  1. No visa required: Teachers from participating countries can arrive in Georgia and volunteer without the hassle of applying for a work visa or residence permit.
  2. Cultural immersion: Teaching with TLG provides a rare opportunity to experience Georgian culture and connect with locals.  
  3. See a new part of the world: Georgia is located between Europe and Asia in a region rarely visited by tourists yet is exceptionally beautiful and known for its hospitable culture.

Cons of the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program

  1. Low salary: TLG is a volunteer program that does not offer the ability for teachers to save money.
  2. No choice in placement: Unlike other teach abroad programs, TLG doesn't consider placement preference, and teachers are placed where needed.
  3. Possibility of limited resources: Supplies may be scarce in Georgian schools, and teachers may have limited access to Wi-Fi, printing, and other general supplies.

What’s it like to teach English in Georgia?

Before you embark on the exciting adventure of living and teaching English in Georgia, learn more about the experience from others who’ve already done it:

Do you need a TEFL certificate for the Teach and Learn with Georgia program? 

A TEFL certificate isn't required to apply to the Teach and Learn with Georgia program. However, having a reputable TEFL certificate helps new TEFL teachers be efficient educators in the classroom. Additionally, a TEFL certificate ensures you’re prepared with teaching methodologies, lesson planning tips, and more, especially in a developing nation like Georgia, where resources may be limited.

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