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Picture this: It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve spent the week in bustling Bangkok, using your TEFL knowledge to teach Thai students, and learn from mentors on how to effectively teach ESL students.  Your accomplished week combined with the busy Bangkok activity has you energized to explore! You decide to venture out, and your feet lead you first to a spot of relaxation: Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  Next, you hop over to the Chatuchak night market for fresh Pad Thai made right in front of you, followed by real coconut ice cream to slowly savor as you wander through the endless shops and local vendors.

With two weeks to live, learn and teach in Bangkok, there is no shortage of life-lasting adventures to be had. During the day, use your newfound TEFL knowledge teaching English in a Thai classroom. The weekends and evenings are yours to explore and adventure as you see fit, but in case you are curious about a typical school day in Bangkok...

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Program Cost: $2,000

What's Included:

  • 190-Hour TEFL certification upon completion of the online course and in-person practicum (130 hours of coursework online, and 60 hours of coursework and practicum abroad).
  • 2 weeks of instruction and practicum with local students, under the guidance of a mentor. Includes:
    • 40 hours of instruction from mentor teachers
    • 20 hours of observed practicum
  • Pre-departure and in-country support (what to pack, transportation advice, emergency support in-country)
  • A cultural excursion in Bangkok
  • Half day orientation to welcome you to Thailand
  • Travel insurance (for U.S. citizens and permanent residents only)
  • Job assistance and advice
  • Farewell dinner

What’s not Included:

  • Accommodation- recommended accommodation list will be provided
  • Airfare
  • Airport pick-up
  • Meals (besides farewell dinner) 

Dates and Deadlines

Program dates: TBD

Application deadline: TBD

A Typical Day for a Destination TEFL Student:

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8:00am: Walk to a nearby street vendor for a delicious fried omelet with rice or a bowl of Joke - a classic Thai breakfast porridge.

9:00am: Arrive at your local school to observe and teach ESL lessons.You’ll be teaching and observing about 2 hours per day, so during this time you may have a prep period, or you’ll be working with the smiling Thai students, eager to learn English!

1:00pm: You’re hungry -- enjoy a delicious lunch of Som Tom (spicy green papaya salad) and of course you’ll end your meal with some mango sticky rice!

2:00pm: Get out your notebooks! Travel to your local school for ESL instruction by an experienced mentor teacher. During this time, you’ll discuss what went well in the morning, what you are preparing for the next day, and have intercultural training to succeed in a Thai classroom.

6:00pm: Work is done for the day - enjoy a stroll around the bustling streets of Bangkok, or find a quiet spot in one of Bangkok’s infamous parks.

6:30pm: Dinner! Feast on some fried fish (yup, that’s a whole fish, people), or a bowl of Tom Yum Goong (delicious spicy shrimp soup) - your pick!

Note: Schedule is an example and subject to change.

Weekend Inspiration

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The weekend is yours to explore - here are a few suggestion on how to spend your free time:

Take a visit to see the Reclining Buddha, a statue covered in gold leaf that stands almost 50 feet tall.

Wander the Chatuchak Market on Saturday or Sunday. With its 8,000 stalls this is one of the largest markets in the world and you can find just about anything

Take a short train ride to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. Here you can visit the ruins of breathtaking temples and escape the city heat and crowds.

Enjoy a ride down the Chao Praya River in an infamous Thai longtail boat and soak in the city with a river view.

Destination TEFL Eligibility Requirements

Must be a fluent English speaker
Must have a valid passport
Ability to obtain a clean criminal background check
Non-US citizens are required to purchase their own travel insurance
Must love adventure and traveling abroad

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