Want to teach abroad this summer? Here’s how!

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Amy S.

January is here. So naturally, that means we’re all daydreaming of warm summer days through these cold winter months.

Perhaps the snow and cold has you daydreaming of beach hopping in Thailand, or strolling the streets of Barcelona, or drinking cappuccino in romantic Rome.

Now, how to get there? — Teach abroad this summer! 

Here’s a few ways you can have the best summer ever, with the benefit of making a difference and giving back, all while building your resume.

Photo for blog post Want to teach abroad this summer? Here’s how!

Get TEFL Certified Now and Teach Abroad this Summer

This winter/spring, you can get CIEE TEFL Certified and head abroad in just a few short months (or sooner!). With classes starting every 2 weeks, you can get TEFL certified and head to virtually any country to teach.

Destination TEFL

With CIEE’s Destination TEFL, there are a few programs with opportunities abroad this summer. You’ll complete the online portion at home, and then head abroad to complete the practicum. From there, you can even search for further employment (summer, or long term!). Learn More about Destination TEFL!

Start this Spring and head to Costa Rica with CIEE TEFL!

The Costa Rican Government’s Department of Labor sponsors young adults to take English classes and improve their current life situations. The goal of this program is to help these students gain employment, and is an incredibly rewarding experience. 

As a teacher in this program, you’ll be volunteering for four months, teaching for 30 hours per week. And since it’s through CIEE TEFL, your TEFL Certification is included with all kinds of perks and adventures. Learn More!

Teach in Spain Volunteer with CIEE Teach Abroad

For three months, you can head to Spain and volunteer as an English Language Assistant at a public elementary school in Castilla y León. Learn More!

Look for Short Term Teaching Programs

Depending on what you’re looking for — volunteering, summer camps, language immersion, to make money, for adventure — there are all kinds of possibilities.  For summer camps, Europe is a great option. To make a little money, South Korea, or the Middle East may have more options where teaching salaries are higher. For adventure — virtually anywhere! There are numerous programs and providers to help place you exactly where you want to be. Like most things related to teaching abroad and TEFL, a little research is required since every country and program is different. But don't let that deter you - there is a program out there that's right for you!

So, if you’re daydreaming of the possibilities of teaching abroad this summer — you can make it happen! The possibilities are endless.

Photo for blog post Want to teach abroad this summer? Here’s how!