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Heritage Meets Innovation

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Over 70 years of experience

That’s a long time. Since 1947 we’ve stayed true to our original mission of uniting the world through immersion and education. Though that goal will never change, the tools we use to get there constantly will. Our commitment to growth and innovation is nowhere more apparent than our home-grown TEFL certification.

CIEE’s online TEFL courses empower teachers of all experience levels with keen cultural awareness, and a deep-rooted knowledge of common theories and practices. This unmatched level of preparedness is what sets us apart, while ensuring you stand out. 


Since 1997, CIEE has been sending university graduates abroad to Teach English in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. As a result, we have come to understand that true success teaching English only comes from a deep sense of readiness before you embark.

Decades of experiencing the unique challenges of teaching English abroad led us to believe that—simply put—there was a better way to TEFL. So we designed one.


Designed by Us, with You in Mind. 

In 2013 we collaborated with academic peers, intercultural experts, TEFL professionals, and education programmers to develop the highest academic quality TEFL certification courses. Our courses are designed to prepare trainees to meet the needs of hiring institutions, and international English learners like no other.

CIEE TEFL Certification Courses incorporate personalized instruction, collaborative peer environment, intercultural training, live tutors, and other features that set our courses apart and our students up for success. 


    It’s impossible to plan for everything life will throw at you, especially when you choose a life of immersion. Getting certified with our 150 hour TEFL course ensures you’ll be equipped to take it all on. 

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    CIEE TEFL has partnered with schools overseas to offer you  the opportunity to get valuable international classroom experience -  turning your TEFL certification into an adventure abroad! 

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    Our 30-hour Specialization course is a structured 3 week course to deep dive into age-specific teaching. This course will help you land the precise type of teaching job you want.

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What People are Saying

  • I have enjoyed the interactive nature of the course. It isn't just boring slides- but a mix of different teaching styles. You can tell that this course was well thought out and it makes me feel accomplished with all of the check points along the way.

    Laura W.
  • "The Off to Class segments have been particularly helpful in seeing how teachers either excel or make mistakes when teaching their classes. "

    R. McNeely, Dallas, Texas, preparing to teach in Thailand
  • The tutor and staff are very prompt, professional, and friendly!

    T. Carson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, preparing to teach in South Korea
  • I find this class thoroughly informative and enjoyable. I was concerned that having a Master's Degree in Childhood Education & teaching abroad previously I would already know much of the course material, but I have learned so much and I am very happy.

    Madison L.

CIEE TEFL Tutoring Team

CIEE TEFL tutors monitor discussion boards, grade assignments, and lead weekly live tutorial session. Trainees can contact their tutors at any time with questions about the course content, or graded assignments. Here are the members of the CIEE TEFL tutoring team:


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Lynn’s TEFL career began in 1992 when she served in Poland for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer and taught high school students in grades 10-12. She stayed in Poland after her Peace Corps experience and taught at English immersion summer camps for high school students, and two Polish universities - first teaching English to teaching majors at one university, then teaching Intercultural Communication to translation majors at another Polish university for several semesters. During academic year 2014-2015, Lynn was as an English Language Fellow in Albania teaching English teaching majors. In Fall 2015 she was a Fulbright Scholar Belarus where she taught university students studying to be English teachers. Then for the 2nd half of her Fulbright, she went to Chisinau, Moldova in Spring 2016 where she taught Intercultural Communication courses to translation majors.


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Originally from the UK and South Africa, Kim is currently in Boston, Massachusetts, where she teachs EAP and Writing for Mass Communication at Boston University. Kim is also the department's Academic Materials Coordinator, which gives her the unique opportunity to preview the latest offerings from ESL publishers and to assist faculty in selecting the department’s textbooks. Kim began her TEFL life, as many do, while living abroad: in bella Italia to be precise. She has a MA in TEAP from Nottingham University as well as the Cambridge DELTA. Prior to joining Boston University, Kim was an ESL program manager and also TEFL trainer for a language school in Boston. She is excited to return to the teacher training side of the TESL/TEFL equation!


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Annette, a qualified Business Manager and consultant now living in France, was born in Leicestershire, England. She has panoptic business experience, gained in international blue chip companies and government service; her primary areas of expertise include Business Analysis and Project management. She is a native English speaker and speaks French. Having lived and worked in other countries including South Africa, India and France has given her valuable insight into the importance of culture when learning a language. Travel led to qualifying as a language professional, and she holds DELTA and TEFL qualifications including a Masters degree. Constant curiosity about outside influences led to specialization in tutoring, thus gaining valuable insight into human responses and motivation, which she has applied when working with others in the pursuit of success. An ardent traveler; her exposure to language and culture combined with her experience enables her to offer an empathetic and supportive approach to other language learners working towards a specific goal of English fluency.

Heather Torrie, MA in TESOL, Tutor

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As a college student in 2002-2003, Heather spent two semesters in Russia, teaching English to kids. This experience of living and teaching abroad launched her thrilling 15-year career in TESOL. From the very beginning, she realized she loves being with people and guiding them as they learn the invaluable skills of communicating in another language. Once she returned home to the U.S., she went on to earn a master’s degree in TESOL from Brigham Young University in Utah, USA. Since then, she has been teaching in an intensive English program at Purdue University Northwest. For the past three years, she has been the Testing Coordinator, overseeing all assessment and data tracking for our program. Her favorite thing, though, is interacting with her students both in and out of class. Additionally, she enjoys networking and giving presentations at various TESOL conferences.

Michelle Nail, MA in Education, Tutor

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Michelle is from the United States. She graduated from the University of Alabama with degrees in Spanish & English & a minor in Japanese. She spent a year in Japan on a scholarship studying Japanese language, history, & international marketing. She earned her master’s from Bethel University in 2013. She has been teaching English as a second language since she was in college.

Michelle studied at Chiba University in Japan on a scholarship after graduating from college. When she returned from her year in Japan, she managed a travel agency for many years. She has experience in sales, marketing, advertising, logistics, event planning, accounting, & several other business-related fields.

She has been to 50 countries so far and six continents. She loves cooking, sports, coin collecting, reading, & spending time with her dogs & her friends.

Colby Toussaint, MA in TESOL, Tutor

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Colby currently lives in Portland, Oregon and works as an online ESL instructor to students all over the world. She’s had the pleasure of working as an English teacher since 1998. Her first teaching job was in China when she was 22 years old. She taught English to employees of an oil company, University students, high school students, and children.  Although she  had planned on only staying a year, it stretched to three and she had caught the English teaching bug!  With this in mind, she returned to the States to get her MA TESOL. After that, she worked as a teaching adjunct for the Intensive English Language program at Portland State University. Later, she went on work as a visiting English Professor at a University in Japan. For the three years she lived in Japan, she also taught private lessons to students of all ages as well as corporate classes. She remembers how exciting it was to begin working in this field and she looks forward to assisting in your training!

Molly Fitzpatrick, MA in Applied Linguistics, Tutor

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Molly was born and raised in Maine. She’s been working in the TESOL field for several years now, teaching General English, Business English, and English for Academic Purposes to students of various backgrounds, ages, and with diverse goals. Her career began in Rome, Italy, and since then she’s also taught in Sydney, Australia and Ziguinchor, Senegal. In between periods abroad, she has worked in the US as an Educational Technician, Literacy Tutor, and Curriculum Coordinator. She’s designed and facilitated teacher training workshops in Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Guinea Bissau, as well as in the US. In 2008, she earned her TEFL certificate online, so she’s eager to participate in this course as she knows how useful this information will be when students get into their respective classrooms. She also holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Sydney. She just moved to Padua, Italy, and she will be teaching there in the fall. Her interests include traveling, cooking, reading, and learning about languages and linguistics. She’s really looking forward to getting to know all of her students and to working through the course together!

Leann Keefe Holland, Coursework in MA in TESOL, Tutor

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Leann was born and raised in small towns in Wisconsin. When she was an undergraduate, she majored in French and Russian and participated in a CIEE study abroad program where she had a practicum teaching English to elementary school students in Rennes, France. Before attending graduate school, she taught English in a high school in Rostov Velikii, Russia. During her graduate education at the University of Kansas, she taught first- and second-year Russian language classes and Slavic folklore and completed her PhD dissertation on reading comprehension. She also served as Director for the KU summer program in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her research interests focused on second language acquisition and teaching foreign languages.

She worked for the Federal government in the Washington DC area after graduate school, but her heart kept pulling her back to the classroom and teaching, her true passion. She received a TESOL certificate and has taken MA TESOL courses at Anaheim University. She has taught English to adult immigrant students from Central America, Africa and Asia at Columbia College, Montgomery College and the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School. While she lived in the Cayman Islands with her husband, she began working as an online instructor. She loves meeting new people and teaching English to students from all over the world.


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Belén is responsible for selecting, training, and supervising the tutoring team, as well as giving technical support to the tutors and trainees.

Belén was born in Melilla, a small city in the North of Africa, but has lived in Madrid, Spain since 2009.  In February 2014 Belén started in her current position, and she is thrilled to be working in the eLearning space because of the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in all fields of education. Belén really enjoys designing, testing, experiencing and making the most of these Learning Management Systems (LMS) - and Canvas is one of her favorites.


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Robert supports the Tutor Manager in selecting and training the tutoring team, and is responsible for the tutoring methodology, developing pedagogical content for the tutorials, and ensuring the academic quality of the tutoring services.

Robert from the United States, and currently lives in New York, not very far from the Canadian border. He has been involved in EFL for 13 years, and he has received CELTA certification and taught English in Russia, Japan, the U.S., and online. Recently, Robert has been involved in the development of the latest e-learning and face-to-face courses. When he’s not teaching or designing course, he enjoys language learning, reading, and exploring nature in his beautiful region of the U.S.

CIEE TEFL participants benefit from access to the CIEE Alumni Network, a community of more than 350,000 people. This group represents nearly every field of industry and country on Earth, making it easy to stay in touch with peers, connect with like-minded people, and discover professional opportunities.  

Mission Statement:

Our mission serves to create a more accessible world by empowering students with English language teaching expertise to confidently navigate the global classroom. 


CIEE TEFL celebrates diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.