Use your TEFL certification in more ways than one.

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The rumors are true. A TEFL certification can be your one-way ticket to a lifetime of travel. That’s right. You can be paid to travel the world teaching English.

Now, if you’ve ever heard of a TEFL certification or teaching abroad, this is not new information. What might be new (and awesome) to learn is what other opportunities a TEFL certification can offer you.

Teach English Abroad

This is too good to ignore. Getting paid to travel the world - what more can you ask for? There are three ways you can teach English abroad and we're going to tell you about all three. Just remember, every one of these options starts with a TEFL certification!

Option 1: Go on your own

This is very independent -kudos to anyone who goes this route. You can find your own teaching position abroad via third party websites ( and are a few of our favorites), apply, get hired, and jet off. With this option, you're finding your own job, going through the interview process on your own, getting your visa without support, and navigating any issues you may face abroad. The pros with this route are twofold. It's free - you're not paying anyone to help because you're doing all the work, and the payout is huge. You're definitely an independent traveler if you navigate all that is teaching abroad alone!

Option 2: Find a recruiter 

This option is half independent, half supported. A recruiter (very popular in South Korea and China) works for the schools abroad, and are paid by the schools abroad. That means, you're not dishing out any $$ to find a job, but that might be the only support you get. Recruiters are not required to help you with the visa, or be there to help if you run into problems once overseas. Pros here - you don't have to find your own job - let the recruiter do that for you! 

Option 3: Program provider 

Definitely the most supported option out there. Program providers (like CIEE Teach Abroad) will not only find you a job abroad in one of their 11 locations worldwide, they'll help you get a visa, provide complete pre-departure support, give you an orientation in-country, international insurance, and be there 24/7 while in country to help with any problems. You'll pay program providers a fee for these services, but you'll also embark on a worry-free adventure teaching abroad. 

Teach English Online 


Yes, this is a thing. In fact, its a growing thing. ELL's (English Language Learners) all over the world need trained EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers to teach them English. The demand exceedingly outweighs supply, so the industry has turned to the one thing all millennials have in common - the internet. 

Earn some extra money teaching outside of normal business hours (which is easy, as most students will be in China!). You can earn some serious dough doing this. Fund your travels, buy that new car, splurge on an overpriced dinner - all by teaching English from the comfort of your own couch. 


Teach English At Home

This is a big one - especially today. Did you know that the immigrant population in the United States has doubled since 1990? On top of that, the number of kids being born in the U.S. but growing up in a non-native English speaking household continues to increase year after year. Despite the growing need for qualified English teachers right here in the U.S., there is little to nothing being done to train teachers to successfully teach this population. 

How can you get involved?

Contact your local refugee community 

Chances are, you live somewhere with a refugee population. Want to get involved? Get TEFL certified, teach ESL classes, and help refugees in your community integrate into American society. 

Continuing education schools 

It is more than likely there are schools or locations near you where ESL learners can go to learn English at night or on the weekends (when they're not at work). Sometimes these are paid positions - you can get involved in your community and earn some money? Win win!

Questions about getting TEFL certified and/or teaching English as a foreign language? Contact CIEE TEFL at

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