How TEFL Can Start Your International Career

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What if you could just take one class and become qualified to work anywhere in the world?  What if all you needed was 150 hours of your time to launch a lifetime of paid adventure and travel? The crazy thing is, that’s all it takes.  It sounds too good to be true, and in practice it may not always feel that easy, but it is that simple. Becoming TEFL certified is the only badge you need in order to teach English as foreign language. With these tools you’ll have the opportunity to teach English to students who are eager to learn and make a difference in their lives. You’ll also have the opportunity to join a new community and live the life some people only dream about. As if you need to hear anymore, here are four more reasons why becoming TEFL certified is the best way to kickstart your international teaching career.

Learn About New Cultures

Just because you didn't study abroad doesn't mean you can’t experience immersing yourself in a new culture. It’s an experience that many people wish they had done or want to do again. With a TEFL certification in hand you’ll have the opportunity to learn a new language (or more!) making you a liaison for communication for the rest of your life. The difference between any academic course and a TEFL course, is the real word benefits and experiences you gain from it. A TEFL certification is more than just a piece of paper. It’s a key to a once locked door to experiences you only imagined for yourself.

Access Limitless Opportunity

Without TEFL, you can still teach abroad but, you’re limited. With a TEFL certification there are very few places where you can’t go. Of course, there needs to be open teaching positions, but the demand for teaching jobs is much higher than you might think. Having a TEFL certification sets you apart from the rest of the competition, especially when you’re certified by a recognized course. A quality TEFL course should be at least 120 hours with additional hours of practicum before completion. The English language is on its way to becoming a necessity worldwide, and by having your TEFL certification, you can enter a booming international industry.

Become Versatile in the Field

There’s way more to TEFL than meets the eye! English doesn’t have to be taught in the classroom. English can also be taught online, meaning you can use your TEFL certification anywhere at any time that fits your life. So, while your teaching abroad, you can earn extra money to travel everywhere on your bucket list. And, you don’t just have to teach abroad with your certification, you can teach English right at home! When you’re ready to wrap up your time abroad (if you ever are) your TEFL certification can come back with you.

Take Big Risks

As exciting as this all seems, uprooting your entire life to begin a new one might feel scary or lonely. To be completely real with you, it probably will be. You might be scared, you might be lonely and if you’re not, you might be a little crazy. But the person who spends their year happy and comfortable won’t have gained nearly as much as the person who spent their year pushing themselves to be uncomfortable So, start pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You won’t be the same person when you left. You’ll be stronger, and restless for your next adventure.